Top 4 software technology trends in 2020

Software engineering is a large field with great potential and scope of development. Engineers involved in the industry understand that technology never stops moving forward. Therefore, they are forced to update their knowledge daily, even hourly to keep up with trends. In addition to some areas that will almost certainly affect the software industry such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality, there are a few technologies and trends. Other directions will contribute to shaping this area in 2020.


Internet of Things (IoT)

The number of IoT devices is predicted to reach 21 billion in the next few years. It’s clear that IoT devices are gradually becoming popular in everyday life. This is considered one of the fastest-growing technologies, affecting the software field in many different ways. Every day people use tons of smart devices, be it smartphones, home appliances, cars … so the scope of IoT software development is also higher.


Basically, IoTs are devices that are connected to each other via Wi-Fi. Therefore, in this area, a voice command can also be useful: you can turn on / off the TV, increase the volume of the smart sound system … Therefore, it is necessary to have more advanced and safer software for the Internet of Things environment because these are the most vulnerable and intrusive devices.


If you want to participate in the field of IoT, you need to be equipped with knowledge related to automation, data analysis, cloud computing and some other new techniques related to setting up IoT devices. In addition, learning about interesting technologies is also a great way to participate in the world of IoT software development.


Authentication without password

We have used passwords to authenticate for too long. Nowadays, passwordless authentication is gradually becoming more common. According to security experts, passwords are no longer considered “very secure” authentication methods. There are a number of new and more convenient and secure methods being applied to many devices, such as facial recognition, biometrics, etc.


If you master new knowledge about new authentication methods it will be easier to succeed. For example, learn more about the aspects of biometric authentication, face recognition. Once you have the basics, you can explore and invent the most secure and new methods, authentication techniques and security.


Virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) will become more and more popular. The scope and development potential of AR and VR are wide, the latest technologies can be applied in many other fields, not just focusing on entertainment and gaming anymore. In fact, the defense forces of some countries are also researching and trying to make the most of AR and VR technologies for training.


As a result, more and more companies are interested in investing in AR and VR. They believe that getting into this field early, creating AR – VR based solutions and systems will bring many benefits in the future. In particular, mixing these two technologies will create the premise to develop miracles in the software world


Master the process automation with a robot

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to increase productivity and reduce manual processes in the workflow. Nowadays, a lot of repetitive work no longer needs human hands, we can ask robots to solve some problems to make more time for creative fields and other research projects that need a lot of time. more gray matter.


Automation of processes by robots will program nearly all operations, from the time to offer the tools and solutions to get the job done in the best way. By automating the process by robots, businesses will increase labor productivity and achieve higher work efficiency.


The world of software technology is extremely competitive. Therefore, anyone who wants to engage in this area needs to plan for their journey. First of all, keep up with the latest developments in the software world. Second, you need to prepare technological or technical knowledge to be successful.


For example, by 2020 modern technologies like voice search will become common. You should focus your voice search techniques on new tools or solutions. In addition, static web applications are also in high demand.

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