Client's Success Story

Let's discover the success story of our offshore team working with an Indonesian client in gaming app development.

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Wawa Game

The Success Story of Offshore Team

This game app gives you a new exciting experience of conveniently playing your favorite arcade game machines remotely using live video streaming in real time.
Play various arcade games from the legendary Crane Game Machines (AKA UFO Catcher/​ Claw Machine) with their irresistible toys, cute yet extravagant mini-games, to the generous ticket machines.

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1,000,000+ Installations


4 stars rating


Live Arcade Game

Team size

9 People



Success Story's Highlight

Success Story starts with Challenges

• We jumped in the middle the existing project
• Messy source code bought from China and development
• The source code was developed by many previous dev teams before
• The previous team was not good in communication and quality
• No documentations

Success Story goes with Solutions

• Analyzed the source code
• Analyzed the requirements from product owner
• Fixed a lot of critical bugs
• Developed new features
• Allocated key developers for trouble shooting
• Proactively communicated with client

Success Story leads to Achievements

• Gain client's trust
• Grow development team
• Increase user downloads up to 300%
• Increase good reviews and ratings on App Store and Google Play
• Reach more than 1,000,000 installations

Key Features

• Dozens of Prize Redemption Arcade Machines such as the Claw Machines
• Various Ticket Redemption Arcade
• Machines New prizes updated every day from cute dolls, plushies, toys to cool action figures
• Mini-games: Fishing Frenzy, Raging Rodeo, and Whac-aMole
• Real arcade gaming skills
• Huge bonus tickets
• Ship and track the shipment of your prizes
• Tickets redemption to exchange with various shopping e-vouchers, e-Gift Cards, Gold Coin, or bigger real prizes
• Accumulate top-up worth at least 45 gold coins for the past 15 days and login every day to earn bonus Gold Coins


• Blockchain-based on ETH
• NodeJS
• Mac, Windows, Linux app
• Frontend ReactJS

App ScreenShots

Lovely customers

"We'll definitely continue to work with them. They were easy to work with and always responsive and provided regular updates."

Glen Pearce
Co-founder, RedFOX Labs

“Great experiences with InApps in mobile app project. Recommend looking for a good outsource development firm for mobile game development or web development project to InApps team."

Si Bui
Head of Business Development, Phunware

"I really don’t look at it as I’m dealing with vendor but a partner. InApps satisfied our requirements we expected our outsourcing company to be: culture, communication, skillsets and dedication."

Spartak Buniatyan
CEO, Swiftengine

"I have been very impressed with InApps professionalism and unique customer service. They have always provided me with quality work at a very reasonable cost and always within the given time frame."

Vinh Nguyen
Digital Manager, Neovia Asia

“I have been really impressed with the team at InApps. They are professional, work ahead of schedule and are technically strong across a range of fields."

David Liem
CEO, Ripples

“Great website/UX design capabilities. A great experience designing the front end of our website, responsive team and good end product."

Toby Scregg
CEO, Eve

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, mobile game apps can take between 3-9 months to develop, depending on the structure of your project, complexity, quality, and depth of the game.

There are 4 main phases in the development process:

• Research and finalizing ideas (2-3 weeks)

• Planning and wireframing the entire app (1 month)

• Actual development (6 weeks)

• Continuous testing after development to ensure smooth functioning.

However, with our efficient MVP package, you can have a demo product within 3 weeks to pitch stakeholders.

It is challenging to get an exact number of mobile game development cost. On average, the cost can range from around $3,000 up to even $1 million.

There are many factors involved before finally estimate your total cost, such as choice of mobile operating system, pre-development expenses, complexities during development, and other post-development expenses.

To understand more clearly, let us be your guide! Feel free to fill out this form to estimate your cost.

To get you started with mobile game development, here are some steps you should consider.

First, work on your idea. It should be unique and attractive to a certain audience to make a profit. A popular technique is to redesign an existing idea rather than coming up with a new one from scratch!

Pro tip: make it easy and engaging. Unless you aim for professional gamers, a fast-paced and easy game has a better chance to gain players’ attention.

Next, think of what platforms to use. Should you focus solely on Android, or iOS, or even both?

Thirdly, plan monetization strategy, how to make a profit with in-app purchases. Fourthly, decide which technology to use (Native, HTML5, or a combination of both).

Lastly, when you have written down all the essentials information (the more detail the better!), choose a reliable developer with deep industry knowledge to save your time and budget.

The client will retain the ownership of the application and its source codes upon completion of the project and payments.

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