Best Developer In Vietnam 2019 – the arena of the best programmers

The race for the best programmers has officially kicked off. This is a playground where young technology enthusiasts are free to compete, creating a generation of comprehensive programming engineers for global-scale projects.

Programmers don’t just know the code

According to research by Wesner Moise (2016), the number of technology engineers focusing on developing programming techniques without ignoring the knowledge base and soft skills is increasing. Currently, there are many programmers who believe that “true coder” only needs to know the code is enough – This is one of the causes leading to the failure of many domestic and global technology projects.

Therefore, Best Developer in Vietnam 2019 – the competition to find the best programmers is held with the desire to build a more comprehensive team of developers. Starting from October 1, 2019, candidates will have the opportunity to challenge programming problems combining necessary skills at work, thereby offering the best solution to convince the professional council.

A new future for young engineers in Vietnam

Vietnam is steadily gaining traction as a premier country to outsource IT support. With a population of approximately 96m, Vietnam is an important regional market both for global technology vendors, and home-grown entrepreneurs. 

Nowadays, Vietnamese programmers have met almost all standards. However, they still lack the skills to become a full-fledged engineer. It can be said that no one skill in life is more important than the skill of “learning how to learn”. This skill is especially important in the software development industry because none of the fields we know has a faster pace of change than the software development field.

You cannot know everything about everything. You can’t even invest the time to become adept at a certain technology or framework – because things change so fast! Instead, you need to be able to quickly acquire the knowledge you need for the job you’re doing. If you really want a skill that will keep you in the software development career, then learn how to teach yourself.

The only way to develop this skill is to practice it. Learn a new programming language or technology, even if you think you’ll never use it. You will be very surprised by your ability to absorb very quickly because you already have the background knowledge beforehand. If you can quickly adapt to the rapid changes in the software development industry and the technologies and platforms associated with it, then you will have the skills that will always meet your clients’ requirements.

Where to find top developers in Vietnam?

  • From contests and competitions (eg. hackathon)
  • From offline events involving developers
  • From job fairs, meetings, workshops, etc
  • From companies with specialized engineers in the industry

In Vietnam, there are many outsourcing companies but not all companies can gather an effective pool of talents with both professional skills and soft skills. The best developers not only just focus on skills and experiences, but they are also dedicated, responsible and willing to learn.

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