Do you know the global software development outsourcing rates?

The #1 inhibitor to business growth is all about Labor costs and the shortage of software developer talent in the U.S. That’s why software development outsourcing is more popular than ever. According to statistics provided by Accelerance, we will help you find answers for questions: How are software development outsourcing rates quoted?  How much does it cost to outsource software development? For the 1st question: how software development outsourcing rates are quotes:  Comparing one market or provider to another, buyers tend to […]

iOS 12 launch news in WWDC 2018! Every thing you need to know

Apple just finished installing the developer beta on iPhone X. We have round up all the launch news for iOS 12 at WWDC 2018, including new features and which iPhones and iPads can run the new OS. They are doubling down on performance with iOS 12 and announced statistics comparing iOS 11 to iOS 12 using the iPhone 6 plus. After testing, iOS 12, which is running more smoothly, is definitely launching apps much faster than iOS 11. Let’s discover […]

Vietnam enters top ten global index

  The 2017 best countries for Global software outsourcing are ranked based on three criteria – financial attractiveness, people’s skills and availability, and business environment. The rankings, formed in A.T. Kearney which released on September 19. This year, Asian countries continue to dominate the index as India, China and Malaysia respectively held on to the first three places while Indonesia came fourth and the Philippines seventh. However, Thailand fell two places to eighth. Especial Vietnam has jumped five places to […]

What is Blockchain: Explained for Beginners

Why You Should Care – The technology of block chain promises to change dozens of industries from Financial Tools and Payments to Real Estate and Voting. The space has attracted billions of dollars in investments from some of the biggest firms (Fidelity, IBM, JP Morgan) and has spawned several Unicorns (11 and counting). Already millions of people around the world are using blockchain to save money and make their lives easier. Understanding this technology is the first step to be […]