Part II: What Management Risks Can Damage Software Development Outsourcing?

In a previous article: “What Management Risks Can Damage Software Development Outsourcing? “, we introduced readers to this concept of “Management Risks”, then the first 2 risks relating to the Expectation and the Leadership. In this article, let’s find out the rest of 5 most commonly seen risks!  Management Risk #3  In the glory days of pure waterfall methodology projects, “Go Live” was single “Big Bang” event. In these days of iterative, continuous deployment, using methodologies like Agile, milestones need to […]

When do we need a mobile app and how to marketing your app with the lowest budget?

We seem to have missed millions of potential customers using smart phones? The article consists of two main sections: ? When do we need a mobile app? ? How to marketing your app with the lowest budget    1. When do we need to develop a mobile app for products/services to increase customers, increase sales? There are many different purposes. Here are some important objectives that our company needs to have a mobile app: Increase interaction with customers If you […]

3 Reasons to hire Offshore Development Company in Vietnam

Is it a good idea to choose Offshore Development Company in Vietnam? Have you ever ask yourself this question? If yes, please view below some reasonable advantages of Offshore Development Company in Vietnam and give us your feedback: 1. Lower cost First of all, the average salary of Offshore Development Company in Vietnam is relatively cheaper compared with the world and adjacent countries, including India, Thailand, and China. In china, worker’s salary is double to Vietnam and contract to US, Canada […]


INTELLIGENT TREND NO. 1: AI & ADVANCED MACHINE LEARNING Applied AI and machine learning (ML), which include technologies such as deep learning, neural networks and natural-language processing, can also encompass more advanced systems that understand, learn, predict, adapt and potentially operate autonomously. Systems can learn and change future behavior, leading to the creation of more intelligent devices and programs. Examples include eye-gazing technologies in retail stores and sensory data from smartphones that create propensity-to-buy models. Organizations seeking to drive digital […]