Why hire a Software Outsourcing Company from Vietnam?

The cost and expenses are one of the biggest factors running a business. Every business owner wants to keep their operating cost to the minimal level as much as possible. This is why ‘outsourcing’ has become a renowned culture in the past couple of decades. When you want to get your business work done at a reduced price and have someone who can do that (irrespective of their location), you outsource the project and task to them. The most beneficial […]

Vietnamese IT Human Resource in the digital age

As Industry 4.0 era is happening quickly with rapid development of various technologies, the competence requirement of employees has been subsequently increasing to higher level of specific skills and strengths. Many traditional and repetitive jobs will be done by robots and artificial intelligence. Therefore, employees should constantly improve their skills and technical knowledge to adapt to the changing trend in order to keep up the competitive positioning. Speaking about Vietnamese Human Resource with Vietnam News, Simon Matthews, country manager of […]

Best App Development Companies in Vietnam 2018!

What are the best Mobile App Developers in Vietnam? You’ll be asking yourself the question whether you want to outsource an application development in iOS, Android or cross-platform. This rounds up the best app development companies with a proven track record and a diversified portfolio; most of the app development companies here can code for iOS, iPhone and Android, and the few that specialize have the skills to make up for it. We did not discriminate by size, as small studios […]

Do you know the Salary & Benefits Of IT Industry in VIETNAM?

Salary and Benefits are always hot topics on information technology forums and programming forums. This can greatly affect the outsourcing rates as you decide to hire a development team. In this article, we will go deep in the Salary & Benefits Of IT Industry in Vietnam. Do IT workers ask for a pay that exceeds their ability? Or in fact, there is no common salary range; compensation depends on the company’s financial capacity. Aiming to provide an objective point of view on […]