How to choose the right Outsourcing Software Company in Vietnam?

Vietnam, a new Asian high tech hub, is developing and defining credible potential in software outsourcing market. As the second largest partner in Japan’s software outsourcing market just after China, Vietnam is winning over global investment and partnership due to quality resources, competitive cost and low attrition.   Ho Chi Minh city is in Top Outsourcing Cities in 6 consecutive years since 2009 according to TSGI (Tholons Services Globalization Index) which is a large talent pool for software industry. Many […]

When do we need a mobile app and how to marketing your app with the lowest budget?

We seem to have missed millions of potential customers using smart phones? The article consists of two main sections: ? When do we need a mobile app? ? How to marketing your app with the lowest budget    1. When do we need to develop a mobile app for products/services to increase customers, increase sales? There are many different purposes. Here are some important objectives that our company needs to have a mobile app: Increase interaction with customers If you […]

5 Myths Of Mobile App Development

Without a doubt, I know it is urgently essential for my business, however do you truly think it is the opportune time for me to continue with a mobile application now? Do these words sound recognizable to you? You may have heard it commonly from a customer/companion, and you may have expanded in diversion, however this really occurs with many out there, who are mistaken for the application advancement myths. Really, organizations come in many flavors, so the Mobile applications, […]

Mobile Apps Development Cost in Vietnam Base On Developers’ Salary

Mobile Apps Development outsourcing in Vietnam might help your companies reduce cost and increase profit by the low base salary of mobile developers. Robert Walters Global Salary Survey 2016 1. Mobile Apps Development and Salary Most of all, the Survey above illustrated salary of Information Technology (IT) in Ho Chi Minh City in 2015 and expected Salary in 2016. Overall, the permanent salary per annum was expected to increase slightly in 2016. Experienced Senior mobile developers (work in mobile apps […]