How to choose the right Outsourcing Software Company in Vietnam?

Vietnam, a new Asian high tech hub, is developing and defining credible potential in software outsourcing market. As the second largest partner in Japan’s software outsourcing market just after China, Vietnam is winning over global investment and partnership due to quality resources, competitive cost and low attrition.   Ho Chi Minh city is in Top Outsourcing Cities in 6 consecutive years since 2009 according to TSGI (Tholons Services Globalization Index) which is a large talent pool for software industry. Many […]

Vietnam Software Outsourcing Market in 2017

Ho Chi Minh City – Center of Vietnam software outsourcing Vietnam Software Outsourcing Market in 2017 is super bright Vietnam software outsourcing market is “famous” for cheap labor cost, foreign investment rate to Vietnam keep being higher and higher. Becoming a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2007, it benefits Vietnamese market. Vietnam’s economy has expanded, with an average 7.3 percent gross domestic product (GDP) growth per year. 1.IT Market Overview “BMI View: Vietnam has one of the […]