[Video] A day in the life of a developer!

There are a full-stack developer, web developer, app developer, software engineer and game developer. Have you ever wondered what is a day in the life of a developer?

Life of an Indie App Developer

Marco Arment made his name developing Tumblr but is now an independent app developer and technology commentator. He works mainly on web and iPhone software.

A Day in the Life of a Small Business Web Developer

“This is a fairly normal day for me especially this time of the year (January/February). All clients are ready to get their new projects off the ground. Some days are longer, some shorter, but I’m doing the job I love and sometimes love to hate” – Danny Poole

Day in the life…Software Engineer

Social interactions are key in just about any job. Within Software Engineering it is essential. It’s not only about sitting in front a computer and grinding out code. You must meet with you superiors, colleagues and even clients.

Day in a life: Indie game developer

This is a short film about our day to day activities as indie game developers.


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