Nowadays, English has become an important communication tool in all fields and professions. The IT industry is no exception. English for software developers is essential. The following article will highlight the reasons and the way to skill up your English skills.


English in IT career: factual situation

People can indeed write algorithms in any language they seem fit. They are the application of logic to problem-solving. This means that thinking in whatever language is more common should make the work easier. It shouldn’t really make a difference – after all, programming is basically a matter of breaking down issues into more granular, step-by-step solution processes.

However, English is the most popular programming language for back-end or front-end, infrastructure, or cloud management. And it is, therefore, almost impossible to learn to code without learning basic verbs.

For example, different programming languages and specific syntaxes do the same thing: present an error message to the user. However, writing in English and speaking English are two different things. Some software developers and engineers might find it easy to code in English and struggle to communicate. Why?

Writing vs. Speaking

Most English learners find speaking more difficult than writing because it requires quick thinking and reflexes. However, writing is more rule-based and has to stand on its own (no context, tone of voice, or body language needed) and can actually prove to be harder.

Software developers who want to grow their career path – especially those looking for opportunities abroad have only one way to go: practice a lot in English communication. While English shouldn’t be required (at a technological level), it makes life easier.

Why should software developers improve their English skills?

Since English is the world’s lingua franca and the primary language of the software industry, having advanced English skills is a good choice for developers who want to compete internationally.

Good command of English (even for native English speakers) is the key to developing many international products. If developers have to work with a language or framework that has most of its documentation written in English, how will they communicate correctly with other developers or explain their work to English-speaking non-developers if they don’t develop these abilities?

In addition, developers without good English skills are at a disadvantage when attending international technology conferences/events where English is the dominant language.


IT engineers noted that having advanced English makes them feel more confident in their abilities as engineers in an international company. They know many new technical words/ideas to share with others.

For international technical projects, software developers must communicate in English with team members, project managers, and clients in meetings and demos.

When you apply for a tech job, in any interviews, besides soft skills and technical skills, English communication is also one of the criteria to evaluate your fit with the position. And of course, if you are confident with your English communication, you have more advantages and have more chances to get a better salary.

Skill up your English – how to do it more effectively

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