Facial Recognition System – Breakthrough Technology

Look back to our past… 

At this present, science and technology are important parts. People apply technology to most of the fields such as economy, finance, entertainment, tourism, services, transportation, education,…

  • 1833, Robert Anderson, Scotland invented the first non-motorized vehicle, which runs by electric and controlled with batteries. 
  • 1870, Alexander Graham Bell created the first phone. 
  • 1927, Henry Ford invented the first car with an acceptable price for the middle class in US. 
  • 2001, Apple announced their first iPod. 
  • 2011, IBM SmartCloud was published. 

Those are some examples, if we make small research for them, we will be surprised about the development of our planet. 


How about Face Detection Technology? 

We are living and working with Industry 4.0, which allows us to access many kinds of technologies. One of them is Face Detection, which is a computer technology that identifies the human faces. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are used in it. Face Detection detects human faces from camera source. 

Face detection and recognition process

The facial recognition process begins with an application for the camera, installed on any compatible device in communication with that camera. This application is then able to use computer vision and a deep neural network in order to find a prospective face within its stream. 

  • Sampling: By surveillance cameras or a device with the same function.
  • Analysis: The data (mentioned before) will be extracted from images, samples.
  • Comparison: The newly obtained data will be compared to the data in the database.
  • Result: The system will decide whether the comparison result is appropriated or not.

When the subject falls into the camera’s scanning range, the system automatically determines the position of the face and implements algorithms to extract the data. In the process of moving, the object will help the system identify faces easily. All of the above processes take less than 2 seconds.

The features of this application

  • Face Recognizer & detector detects human faces which might then be used for recognizing a particular face. This technology is being used in this application.
  • The application is built using the D-Lib library which is based on OpenCV.
  • It is supported on all the android devices above 4.0+.
  • After you buy this item you will get the project file of Android source code, and also this documentation file to guide you installing this app.
  • This application does not need OpenCV or NDK. You can directly run it. 

Have a look our case study!

Advantages of Face Recognition Application

  • Check-in quickly with high accuracy. 
  • For example, now people are scared of virus corona, they do not want to use their hand to press number in public machine. But with a simple step, no need to touch anything, they can use face recognition app to make payment or check-in transportation, hotel,…
  • Can apply to many fields easily, for example, education, transportation, payment,  human management,…
  • Does not require the cooperation of test subjects.
  • Able to identify individuals among the crowd.



Having some conditions that may affect the accuracy of the method such as:

  • Lack of light, wear sunglasses, long hair can cover the face.
  • Low-resolution image.
  • The system will be ineffective if different facial expressions, such as laughing are also effective. 
  • Distance from the camera: the distance from the camera can determine the image pixels, which is required for a face.

Its Applications

  • Manage leave, late work in the company. 
  • It helps users experience features on mobile devices, which are allowed.
  • Assess employee productivity and calculate salary. 
  • Create calendars and manage employee schedules.
  • Security check. 
  • Take attendance.
  • Payment supporting.
  • Recognize or group photos against an entire database. 

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