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Free Your Apps, Simplify Your Operations – InApps is an article under the topic Devops Many of you are most interested in today !! Today, let’s InApps.net learn Free Your Apps, Simplify Your Operations – InApps in today’s post !

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Dell Technologies sponsored this podcast.

Free your apps. Simplify your operations.

It sounds pretty basic, but getting your infrastructure ready for modern apps, and centrally managing your clouds and cluster requires a modernized app platform.

And that’s exactly what we explored with Dell Technologies in our series of five discussions scheduled to stream tomorrow, June 9, at 6 a.m. PT, on InApps’s Periscope and YouTube channels.

Here’s a teaser. Dante’s inferno? Yes, there is a connection here.

What the series covers:

  • How to modernize your app platform with four techniques for distributed services in a multicloud environment.
  • How to protect your data during continuous development to address new resiliency requirements for modern applications that depend on consistency, efficiency, and ease at-scale for distributed workloads. Use these practices to ship great software faster and increase developer velocity with a modern software supply chain.
  • Ways to shorten service upgrade lead times from weeks to hours, and help develop software for hybrid cloud environments.
  • A look at how fast the market is accelerating in Europe with government organizations leading the way in adopting container technologies.
  • The ways Kubernetes and container storage interfaces act as a catalyst for cloud native architectures. The cloud is not a place, but more so a way to manage the operations to achieve objectives of self-service, and elasticized scale and agile application development.
  • How to manage production-ready Kubernetes and scale modern applications in cloud native environments by addressing key considerations: automation of resource allocation that keep developer teams agile, data security and sovereignty, workload mobility, networking, life cycle management, and cluster provisioning and management
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Dell Technologies and VMware are making continued investment in the cloud native market. It’s perhaps most apparent with the acquisition of companies such as Heptio, Wavefront, Bitnami, and most recently Pivotal. It’s now transformed into initiatives using Dell Technologies’ and VMware’s Tanzu solution portfolio. VMware Tanzu is built upon the company’s infrastructure products and technologies that Pivotal, Heptio, Bitnami, Wavefront, and other VMware teams bring to this new portfolio of products and services.

Dell Technologies Virtual Day of Podcasts Sneak Peek: Free Your Apps, Simplify Your Operations

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The interviews come at a time when everything is changing. It’s not just application modernization as much as change being necessary for survival. The organizations that change know what this means. There’s a risk in change. But everything about today is about risk and how it’s calculated. Changes to systems make for adaptations that are easier to understand for everyone, not just for a few.

Change is a guiding principle of the developer movement. People want to change, to express themselves. They want to make things, work with a team, and feel like they are contributors, not just there to be used and exploited. Kicking out code is one thing; it’s entirely another matter when the process is holistic and the contributions are respected and implemented through incremental change.

That is the power of DevOps and the movement behind it. People matter and changes emerge through systems that adapt and respect the people who are doing the work. It’s true of the greater world, too, and what makes all the difference as we free our apps and simplify operations.

REGISTER NOW to tune in to tomorrow’s five exciting discussions on DevOps as a catalyst in the age of scale, with thought-leaders who are pioneering the DevOps journey. 

VMware is a sponsor of InApps.

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