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This Week on InApps: Git and GitOps

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This week on InApps Context podcast, we are all about the git open source version control software. Last Friday, TNS correspondent Michelle Gienow kicked off a series on git, with an introduction to git for everyone. This week, she continues that work with an introduction to its most popular online hosted version, GitHub.

She writes, “life as a software developer is much more social and collaborative than the stereotypes would have non-coders believe — at times, even frustratingly so. Thankfully, there is git… to bring collaboration with project team members right back where it belongs: on the command line.”

That tutorial set us up for a discussion of some of the novel ways that system operators are using git in a cloud-native context these days, including a new DevOps approach using git, which Alexis Richardson at Weaveworks is calling GitOps.

Alexis gave a keynote and talk on GitOps at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2018 in Copenhagen last week which made the GitOps concept come alive for us.  TNS Managing Editor Joab Jackson explains in more detail.

TNS Editorial Director Libby Clark hosted this show, with the help of TNS Founder Alex Williams.





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