DevOps is generating a buzz. The tools, the processes and the hot new technologies are getting attention. But it’s a bit different in the mainstream market where legacy tools are the norm. In this week’s show, we discuss the latest research data from 451 Research and what it says about mainstream adoption of DevOps technologies.

# 3: How Has DevOps Spread Into the Mainstream?

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Donnie Berkholz of RedMonk and Michael Cote of 451 Research were both there for the show.

  • Cote reviewed the results of a 451 Research study about DevOps.
  • How much has DevOps spread into the mainstream?
  • What tools are people using?
  • The mainstream: the muggles.
  • Do the tools conform to the tool chain? Who are the stakeholders?
  • Closely associated with DevOps — deploying to production frequently.
  • In general, the muggles seem to be doing okay.
  • People in DevOps responding to business requirements.
  • What should be a broader term besides DevOps?
  • All the tools the DevOps unicorns (startups) are using are not yet in the mainstream. The legacy tools are still widely used.
  • What is holding mainstream users back from DevOps practices?
  • The technology is not the problem with DevOps adoption: it’s the people.
  • The infrastructure is too complex. There’s a technical debt that companies are struggling with.
  • It is still difficult to change the enterprise architecture.
  • Composable monitoring infrastructures are gaining acceptance. Pieces can be switched in and out. It’s an open-source composed model.
  • What does enterprise grade mean?
  • We are not going to produce standards but the format is so simple you can understand it in five minutes. You don’t need a three-ring binder for implementations.
  • The rise of ad hoc standards.
  • The law of pizza and Conway’s Law.
  • It is fine to have an ad hoc standard that evolves over time but the enterprise architecture remains.
  • Comparing standardized components to Southwest Airlines and how the laws of efficiency affect the business model.
  • API management and microservices — is that the combo?
  • In the past it was about API creation, now it is visibility as witnessed when looking back at past Eric Norlin conferences: Defrag and Gluecon. [ED: THIS WAS UNCLEAR. PLEASE CHECK.]
  • What is API search?
  • Understanding APIs with Swagger.
  • More news from Gluecon: Google open-sourcing container manager.
  • The Tesla example: how they start with the experience, similar to Dell with its PC custom order process.
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