How is artificial intelligence used in life?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is encountered by most people from morning to night. Here are the 10 best examples of how AI has been applied in everyday life.

1. Unlocking your phone with face recognition (Face ID)

One of the first things that many people do every morning is to reach for their smartphone. And, when your device is unblocked using biometrics as with Face ID, it will use artificial intelligence to activate that function. Apple’s Face ID is visible in 3D. It illuminates your face and places 30,000 invisible infrared points on it and takes a photo. It then uses algorithms to compare the scan of your face to what it has stored on your face to determine if the person trying to unlock the phone is you. Apple claims the opportunity to fool Face ID is one in a million.

2. Social media

After unlocking their phones, what’s the next thing? Many people check their social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., for updates on what happened overnight. AI doesn’t just work behind the scenes to personalize what you see on your feeds (because it has learned what kind of posts are best suited for you based on past history), it finds friends’ suggestions, identifies and filters fake news, and uses machine learning algorithms to prevent cyberbullying.

3. Emails or messages

Each day most of us will send one or several emails. Tools like Grammarly and spell checking activate when you compose an email to help you compose messages without errors. These tools use AI and natural language processing. On the receiving side, spam filters use AI to block suspected spam emails or identify emails that recipients want to receive in their inbox. Antivirus software also uses machine learning algorithms to protect your email account.

4. Google

Most of us use Google search engine in everyday life. Search engines cannot scan the entire internet and deliver what you want without AI support. These ads usually appear when you use the internet. These are things that are activated by AI, based on your search history and personalized to you with the goal of providing you with things that the algorithms believe you will value.

5. Digital voice assistant

From finding your way to your lunch spot to learning about the weather for your weekend getaway, digital voice assistants are fast becoming indispensable “guides” in their lives. ta. These tools use natural language processors and AI-controlled generators to answer your questions.

6. Smart home devices

Our homes are becoming “smart”. Many of us now have “smart” thermostats, which will recognize our heating/cooling preferences and daily routines to adjust the temperature to our liking when returning home. There are smart fridges that can create a list of what you need based on what’s not in your fridge, as well as giving you advice on the wine to use with your dinner. Of course, smart devices will continue to be more popular in the future.

7. Mobility

The mobility tools with integrated AI will be much better than using the map. Google Maps and other travel apps use AI to monitor traffic to give you real-time traffic and weather conditions and suggest directions to avoid congestion. The car you drive can be integrated with driver assistance technology and in the future, there will be self-driving cars to help you move more comfortably.

8. Banking system

There are many ways in which AI is implemented in the banking system, it is heavily involved in transaction security and fraud detection. If you perform account checking via your phone, receive alerts about low balances or even log into your online bank account, AI will work behind the scenes. If you visit a store for lunch and buy a new pair of pants, the AI ​​will verify the purchase to determine if it is a “normal” transaction to validate or reject the transaction for fear of someone. Use your credit card.

9. Amazon

Talking about shopping, the largest online retailer in the US Amazon is another way that many people are exposed to AI regularly. The retailer’s AI algorithms already know what you like and what others like just like you to make recommendations for you to choose from in your shopping cart. Amazon is so confident in its prediction analytics and algorithms that they will ship your product even before you click to buy with the prediction shipping algorithm.

10. Netflix

At the end of the day, when it’s time to take a break, many of us turn to stream services like Netflix. Netflix’s action machine is built with AI and uses your previous watch history to make suggestions for what you might want to watch (including genre, cast, time period and more). even specify the time of day you are watching and what you usually see in that time frame. In fact, 80% of what we are watching is suggested by Netflix.

Therefore, it is hard to imagine our daily routine without the help of AI.

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