How technology changes education

The past decade has seen hundreds of technologies and ideas appear, among them Edtech – technology for education.

Now let’s evaluate the impact of technology on education after a tumultuous decade.

Technology creates fundamental changes in learning

According to field surveys, American students’ reading, math, and science skills have remained virtually unchanged from about 2000 to the present. But what else can students learn from tests?

The significant difference is that the past decade has laid the foundations for fundamental changes in learning. These are core changes for teachers, including a change in both teaching tools and practices.

Students have experienced a variety of technology devices at schools over the past decade.

A decade ago, many people thought to go into school was like going back in time to the 1950s. That is no more. Today, millions of students regularly use software and curriculum, mostly developed over the past 10 years, as Google launched Google Class in 2014.

In many schools, students experience technology equipment and often do hands-on projects in place of previous “vegetarian” learning. Teachers also use a variety of technologies, from large screens to online surveys on phones. Homework is increasingly done online. Online learning has become popular. Parents can access online not only the classroom information but also their child’s homework.

New experiences are sometimes chaotic. Learning support tools can change quickly. However, even that kind of change signals students that technology is impacting their lives, and will constantly change.

Technology also supports collaboration. Working together can take many forms, from editing or reviewing other people’s contributions, to working together and finding partners everywhere.

The teacher’s role is challenged

With increasing support for students, the role of teachers is being challenged. Students’ learning styles have changed dramatically – they are not only learning in classrooms but are actively learning outside of school to prepare for future careers. They use technology to support that learning.

However, technology is only part of the journey. Learning is basically a social connection. Learners need schoolmates, instructors – mentors, and especially teachers. However, the fact is that even though teachers have equipped new tools, they are still lagging behind the demands of modern education.

The teachers said they were in need of assistance. Many teacher strikes take place in the US, mainly because of work conflicts, school problems, not wages. Many teachers share that they lose the spirit of work and the pressure from the system, such as having to implement a suppressed initiative, or the evaluation and criticism system can lose teachers’ autonomy.

Teachers need more support to play a role in a new education.

But how to seriously support teachers in an age of competition with technology? The answer is that teachers need to be grown as we did for students in the past:

Promote learning for teachers. The importance of being a lifelong learner is being repeated. Teachers have this strong point. The best teachers are always lifelong learners. Keep an eye on the learning tools that support teachers effectively: whether they are researched for this subject, personalized, easy to collaborate with, or attract teachers to use as applications. for students?

More emphasis on technology for teachers. The rise of mobile technology as a platform for a learning experience can be of great benefit to teachers. Teachers are the ones who must constantly change and update new technology. Providing professional software to support teachers will help them keep up the game.

Increase financial investment. Governments, non-profit organizations, and private investors all increased their investments in educational technology. Teachers must also be equally invested.

The fact is, if teachers are not invested properly and sufficiently, students will be the ones who suffer seriously. Students can’t just use technology to reach the world on their own, teachers are still the people who play an important role in developing students. If we build and provide tools to support both students and teachers, we will build a strong learning world in the coming decades.

What can we do with the Learning Management System?

Learning Management System (LMS) helps schools automate learning and training. With LMS, we can collect and gather learning documentation, manage them in one place. Just one click, learners/students have all available documentation.

Furthermore, LMS allows us to create groups of people who have the same team or positions, it is easy for them to discuss via the application and learn together. They can assign their tasks, do the tests, or track the learning process of every student. Base on the result after tracking, managers or teachers can build a strategy to help their students improve faster. 

The benefits of LMS application

  • Reducing the budget of corporate training: saving cost for classrooms or accommodations and instructor’s salary. 
  • Protect the environment: if we keep documentation online, we can reduce the learning material printouts and stationery.
  • Flexibility to explore and easy to review: From any device, learners can review their tasks or explore as much as they want. Convenient to connect people during learning.

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