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How to leverage your business with software development in industry 4.0?

Feb 15, 2019 IT BUSINESS

Industry 4.0 is shaping a new world which digitally connects humans, systems and machinery through automation. Businesses are facing digital challenges in organizational change and implementation. Therefore, software development is one of the first steps for digital transformation with new models and frameworks emerging. Every company desires to leverage their business with app development in terms of cost efficiency and 100% satisfaction. How to make it possible?

This article will provide you some tactics to utilize your resources the right way in order to succeed in software development and leverage your business.  


How to reduce software development cost?

Offshore outsourcing  

One of the most important reasons for companies to consider outsourcing software development is cost savings. The direct labor costs of offshore locations can be much less than onshore or nearshore locations. Other aspects, such as on-site costs, can be efficiently managed by the companies to improve the bottom line. With the depreciation of currencies in some offshore countries, companies are largely considering offshore outsourcing in terms of cost efficiency.

When you decide to go with an offshore development team, you’ve already had a good chance of reducing the cost. ODC (Offshore Development Center) model can offer you not only a reasonable and competitive rate, but also a high team competency and experience in the area you are looking for.

How to obtain 100% satisfaction of software development project?

Execution speed

Execution speed depends on the complexity of the project and the offshore development team. The availability of resources and the ability to define requirements clearly are also two key dimensions that can affect the speed of execution.  Due to lower direct labor costs, offshore software development companies have greater flexibility in mobilising resources in advance, and in beginning implementation more quickly than onshore companies.

Onshore companies cannot afford to maintain idle resources and they must hire and train their developers for new project implementation. Offshore companies can handle communication requirements, overcome language and culture barriers due to the increase in team competency.

Quality and expertise

At most contact center locations, whether onshore, offshore or near shore, there is an abundance of high quality professionals with domain-specific expertise. To know about the offshore development team’s expertise, look at case studies of their current and past projects. You can have an in-depth analysis by checking clients’ testimonials or references.


To learn more about our best mobile app developer in Vietnam, have a look at our case studies to see all the projects and industries we have done for our clients.

ODC projects:


ODC model will allow you to have more control from the beginning of choosing the engineers you want to work with, to the quality and project launch. With a Technical Lead or Project Manager, you can have your projects monitored closely to guarantee the quality and meet the deadline. You will also get the technical infrastructure and expertise as if your offshore development team located at your office.

Team competency

While language and cultural barriers can impact the quality of service provided by offshore development team, this gap can be closed through specialization and quality control.

You can get into the habit of being personally involved in the interviewing process. Take the time to see whether the personality of the interviewee will fit your company’s culture. Don’t neglect soft skills, they are as important — if not more important — as technical abilities. Ask open-ended questions, and pay attention to the candidate’s communication style and body language. 

Human resources control

Replacing or alternating the human resources if the team cannot perform well to meet your expectation or fail in communication, is one of an effective way to gain your direct control over an offshore team. You can ask for OT (Over Time) working of the team if it’s urgent or you can do training if it’s necessary. Basically, you will have overall control of the human resources as they are your team.


Those factors mentioned above are also the benefits you would gain from outsourcing an offshore development team, in order to acquire 100% satisfaction on your software development project.

In conclusion, having an offshore development team will help you

“Leverage your business with app development, cost efficiency and 100% satisfaction.”

I hope you will find this article helpful and will enjoy working with a remote team. I’m looking forward to listening to your software development projects or difficulties encountered.

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