InApps: Looking back on 2018

2018 was predicted as a handful year of new technology trends. It has drawn to a consistent increase in the demand for software services globally. Vietnam has developed as a new Asian tech-hub, and a preferably offshore outsourcing destination. As a leader of software outsourcing market in Vietnam, InApps has gained great trust from offshore clients. Over the years, InApps has experimented numerous business solutions to help clients optimize their ROIs of the projects.

As we enter the year 2019, I would like to take this opportunity to look back on InApps business in 2018 and have a talk with the Founder & CEOMr. Tam Ho. Starting as a Co-Founder of Aloguru, the first online platform in Vietnam, Mr. Tam has built foundations for his bigger dream as InApps nowadays. With vast knowledge in Technology and broad business mind, he has brought InApps to become the leading software outsourcing company in Vietnam.

Today, he will share with us about the year 2018 of InApps.


InApps’ performances and challenges

Mr. Tam, how do you think about InApps performances in 2018 generally?

We basically achieved the goal of sales and human resources in 2018.

Was 2018 a good or bad year for InApps in terms of revenue and profit? And why?

We completed the revenue target, but not the profit target because we invested in office costs and recruitment in 2018.

InApps is defining and gaining great feedbacks from customers through Google reviews and social networks. Can you describe how well did InApps solve the customers’ problems and meet their expectations?

Customers expected us to help them solve business problems by applying technology in order to grow, reduce time and cost.

We started with vague ideas until we got the basic product as expected. Then, we updated according to market feedback and continued to accompany with them. It is an important point to build trust and long-term co-operation.

Was there any big challenge for InApps in 2018? How did you manage to overcome it?

We encountered difficulties in recruiting suitable human resources in 2018. The company is in needs of people with great experience, strong skills, and long-term commitment. Additionally, building processes, KPIs and applying them in practice also a big challenge.

We spent lots of time building a management system. We co-operated with many recruitment partners to get the right human resources.

InApps’ brand

What would you like to define InApps brand value to compete on the market?   

Our MISSION: Bring future technologies to business values.

VISION: To be on Top 10 Application Development Companies in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2020.

Our CORE VALUES: Transparency – Professionalism – Expertise – Dedication

How far was InApps in 2018 in order to reach the target in 2020?

We are currently in Top 20 leading companies in Vietnam in Application Development, so achieving Top 10 by 2020 is not too far away.

How do you describe the software outsourcing market in Vietnam this year 2018 and next year 2019?

The growth of software outsourcing market in Vietnam is particularly impressive. Vietnamese software firms are relatively young comparing to those in China and India. But they have caught up rapidly and joined the list of leading software exporters.

Vietnam enjoys a comparative advantage of software development in terms of abundant human resources and low labor costs. According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, Vietnam’s software exports reached an estimated VND58 trillion in 2017, and VND34.2 trillion in the first half of 2018. Particularly, the software and IT services sector reached the revenues of more than US$8.8 billion.

InApps’ 2019 objectives

What will the picture of InApps 2019 be like?

In 2019, we aim to double revenue than 2018. Human resources will rise about 30 people. We also plan to have a representative office in the US.

For services, we will not only apply the new technology to the operation, but also develop the optimal solutions for customers.

For products, we expect 2019 revenue to be around 30% of total revenue.

The Captain of InApps ship

Mr. Tam, this last question is about you as you are the Captain of InApps ship. Your leadership has created such admirable volume from your employees and clients. Therefore, I hope you will share your advice with us for some young people who look up to you, and want to follow your path.

What is your motto in work and life? How did you start your business idea and make it come true?

At work, my motto is: No matter what you do, always do your best and be a leader in your niche. In my life, inspiring people around me and helping them promote their internal resources are always my goals.

When I was working for other companies, I always wanted to be able to contribute more to the society. I want to create a breakthrough in my career, and products which could help the community. For the services, I wanted to provide the best solution and service to customers.

Hence, I started to set up a company and a small team to see how far my ability could go. To my astonishment, although there have been many difficulties and challenges, the company is still on the rise and capturing new markets until now.

Thank you Mr. Tam for your time and your positive energy today. There is no doubt that InApps will have a promising year 2019 ahead with your greatly devoted leadership.

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Author: Thanh Nguyen



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