How to apply technologies successfully to growth hack your business?

Growth hack is a desired goal of all start-up enterprises to drive massive growth in a short time on small budget at the early stage. Good growth hack is a technologies optimisation mind set. The more successfully you apply technologies, the more exponential you can growth hack your business.

As a leading software development outsourcing company in Vietnam, InApps owns the latest technologies and development process to help you growth hack your business.

Growth hacking model

Growth hack through technologies

In industry 4.0 with heavy competition nowadays, there is a need for start-ups to stand out from the crowd. It is not just about the unique value proposition your start-up has, you need strategies that scale and help your company grow exponentially.

Therefore, applying technologies in product development will help your business create innovation. Technologies play an important role as a cornerstone to research, design, develop, manufacture and marketing your product.

When your business has an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) software development plan aiming for A/B Testing to earn 100k to 1 million users with the budget from 3,000 USD to 10,000 USD, and the requirements:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Fast timing (from 2 weeks to 1 month in trial development model)
  • Quality guarantee for an MVP
  • Flexibility (allow adjustment up to 30% of features to make the product closely with client feedback)

All you need is a growth hacking strategy to achieve above expectations.

Understanding those insights, at InApps, we offer our clients a growth hacking model focused on applying technologies successfully to your software development project.

inapps software development growth hack model
InApps software development growth hacking model
  1. Consult:

With over 10-year experience in software development, our experts can help you have a full picture of the industry, the mind-set and the technology tools. Our experts can provide strategic consulting on different facets of the software development processing. We will help you:

  • Understand the elements of successful software development.
  • Understand the competition of the industry and the potential market.
  • Implement pre-project planning: use of our pre-engagement checklists to ensure our time with you is impactful.
  • Set the project objectives following SMART model.
  • Create a human resources plan of building a dedicated team supporting your required project level and saving budget.
  • Use the right technologies suitable with your MVP software development.
  1. Analyze

When you come to us with a project or an idea for your MVP, we will analyse your business requirements to find out the best software development solution for you. Our analyzing process will be:

  • Put your business requirements in details with milestones, time and cost estimation.
  • Give you a full picture of the market competition and industry potentiality.
  • Apply business module to your MVP.
  • Finalise a wire frame and user flow to help you see your product flow.
  1. Agile Development for the MVP

The Agile Development model that we provide will help you diminish the communication and management disruption. It will help you:

  • Work closely with your offshore development team.
  • Quick adjustment on upcoming problems.
  • Maintain 2-way communication flow effectively.
  • On-going updates with clients about their product.
  • Flexibility through distance, time and language barrier.
  1. Feedbacks & Adjust

At InApps, we allow adjustment up to 30% of features to make the product closely with client feedback. We make sure our clients can be able to acquire all the outputs of users, surveys, feedback, in order to gain more investors.

Running a trial development model will help your business engage with customers. It will help business identify needs and define product specifications, build mock-ups, and help prototype the user experience.

  1. Launch

We will support your business with a database of 100,000 – 500,000 emails to launch your product.

  1. Handle feedback from the market

We will help you analyse the feedback from users about the possibility, priority, and technology solutions for your product after launching. Depending on your business target and feedback analysis, you will need a decision at this phase to develop winning product or not. If your decision is yes, we will be moving on to the next phase.

  1. Product enhancement

We will help you do more revisions incorporating what you learn from your initial sales, in order to enhance your product. The cost will be flexible depending on the features. Only after pleasing the market have you truly developed a winning product.

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Be Creative — Always Think ‘Growth’

Start-ups usually have minimum funding and resources, and they all will be in need of an exponential growth that cannot be accomplished without technologies. Hence, every start-up nowadays will need to look out for ways to growth hack their business.

In conclusion, growth hacking is all about driving as much growth as you can, with spending as little money as possible. The key is knowing how to apply technologies successfully to growth hack your business.

Contact us for free consultation on our latest technologies to help you become a growth hacker in developing your business and saving your budget at the same time.

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