What is the best solution for user behaviour analysis?

User Behaviour Analysis (UBA) is tracking, collecting and assessing user data and activities using monitoring systems. UBA plays an important role of every business in the Digital age 4.0, especially E-commerce. Understanding users’ interests and behaviour is essential in order to adapt E-commerce websites to customers’ requirements. Which is the right User Behaviour Analysis tool for E-commerce Marketers? With the booming growth of online transaction, mobile software development has brought great benefits to the rise of E-commerce today. E-commerce has gained massive popularity […]

Structure an offshore team: pros and cons

When nearshore and onshore outsourcing solutions fail your software development project in terms of cost-efficiency and project quality, structuring an offshore team will become the answer key. However, is it truly the best solution for software development outsourcing? Let me analyse some pros and cons when structuring an offshore team for you. What is Offshore Outsourcing? Outsourcing — When your company designates another company to undertake any part of your business. Offshoring — Outsourcing to an organisation located in a different country. Offshore Outsourcing is desired by numerous […]

InApps featured as one of the top IT companies in Vietnam

Since Vietnam became a promising destination for software outsourcing due to cost-efficiency, project quality and tech talent hub, many Vietnamese IT Start-ups and SMEs has taken the opportunity to grow their businesses. Among the high competition, we must mention some of the forefront names and InApps has been featured as one of the top IT companies in Vietnam. Top IT companies in Vietnam Not so long ago, outsourcing to countries like India, China, Ukraine or Belarus was a common practice […]

How to apply technologies successfully to growth hack your business?

Growth hack is a desired goal of all start-up enterprises to drive massive growth in a short time on small budget at the early stage. Good growth hack is a technologies optimisation mind set. The more successfully you apply technologies, the more exponential you can growth hack your business. As a leading software development outsourcing company in Vietnam, InApps owns the latest technologies and development process to help you growth hack your business. Growth hack through technologies In industry 4.0 […]