Loyalty Platform SaaS

SaaS Loyalty Platform is the best technical solution for retailers, hospitality, food, and beverage, etc. In the past, companies or stores usually use outbound marketing to get their customers. But during the past few years,  customer’s behavior have been changed, they were starting to notice the quality, attitude and customer service.


When the internet is becoming popular, customers have so many choices, they know how to compare products and brands. So, companies have to turn their marketing way to inbound marketing. Companies find a solution to understand their customer’s insight, and try to personalize each content. Besides, they use technical solution to analyze their customers. Base on technology, companies start to launch lots of campaigns, which attract their customer. Not only find out new leads but also they try to keep old customers and improve their experience.

For those reasons, nowadays, lots of businesses are using the Loyalty Platform to target their potential customers and manage customer’s data. Their development department can follow those data and have a specific plan and activities to improve customer experience. Furthermore, Loyalty Platform SaaS can build customer loyalty for your brand and engage them. If you would like to be one of the soonest one, who start this service, you can contact InApps for more information. 

Our Case Study About SaaS Loyalty Platform…

Firstly, we can have a look at some images about it

  • No need to install an application, we can use on multiple devices, multi-user.
  • Having digital saving cards and create unlimited loyalty campaigns. 
  • QR code scan and earn points and rewards.
  • Business analyze and solutions.

Why InApps?

We provide solutions to different SaaS applications to diverse industries. Our development process includes:

  • Integration of SAAS Apps through the use of APIs or custom integration apps.
  • Analytics & Data Management with advanced analytics, data management tools, and reporting solutions that are useful for data preparation, data collection, data visualization.
  • App & Data Management on the cloud by delivering on-demand service, from developing to deploying the SAAS app solution as well as maintenance and cloud scaling.
  • Greatest execution with a complete process from consulting, designing, development, testing, debugging and ongoing support.



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