How to leverage your business with software development in industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is shaping a new world which digitally connects humans, systems and machinery through automation. Businesses are facing digital challenges in organizational change and implementation. Therefore, software development is one of the first steps for digital transformation with new models and frameworks emerging. Every company desires to leverage their business with app development in terms of cost efficiency and 100% satisfaction. How to make it possible? This article will provide you some tactics to utilize your resources the right […]

Software outsourcing companies in Vietnam face challenges

While India and China continue offering businesses to develop IT infrastructure, their software outsourcing costs are not as effective as they once were. As a result, they are no longer the only major destinations in the region to look for software outsourcing companies. Vietnam is steadily gaining traction as a premier country to outsource IT support. With a population of approximately 96m, Vietnam is an important regional market both for global technology vendors, and home-grown entrepreneurs. The country modernises and […]

3 Key Benefits of Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

Not so long ago, the web world was thought out to be the breaking ground for businesses to expand their reach and connect to the potential consumers in an enhanced and convenient way. Then came the mobile app world. It brought along mobility factor and the rapid adoption of mobile phones made it more feasible to target mobile users. At first, there were only large corporations and businesses that assessed the value of investing in mobile apps to expand their […]

What is the next mobile communication?

Mobile communication technology is evolving day by day and has become a must-have for everyone. From 1G to 4G with such technologies behind phenomenal growth and important developments along the way, we are wondering what the next mobile communication is. InApps will help you obtain a full understanding of mobile communication through stages and give you the answer for your question above. Mobile communication history The first commercial analogue mobile network – 1G – rolled out in the US in 1983. […]