Mobile Apps Development Cost in Vietnam Base On Developers’ Salary

Mobile Apps Development outsourcing in Vietnam might help your companies reduce cost and increase profit by the low base salary of mobile developers.

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Robert Walters Global Salary Survey 2016

1. Mobile Apps Development and Salary

Most of all, the Survey above illustrated salary of Information Technology (IT) in Ho Chi Minh City in 2015 and expected Salary in 2016. Overall, the permanent salary per annum was expected to increase slightly in 2016. Experienced Senior mobile developers (work in mobile apps development company) were in high demand with salary 23,000$ – 26,000$ in 2015.

In addition, the report revealed the continued growth of cloud computing and big data technologies meant solution architects, project management, and integration engineering specialists were in highest demand. Moreover, they also noticed increased demand for professionals with PHP and Java experience in the software outsourcing sector. Growing competition for skills in the banking and financial services sector, meanwhile, made it difficult for hiring managers to recruit the chief technology officers and the other senior IT experts they sought.

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Vietnamwork Salary Report 2016

2. IOS and Android skills 

Besides Robert Walters Global Salary Survey 2016, Vietnamwork also provide a report mentioning most hiring will take place in software engineering, and senior IT management roles. With the entrance of new mobile applications and tech start-ups in Vietnam, positions in iOS development, Android development, and graphic design are likely to open for IT professionals. Hiring managers will continue to struggle in their search for technically skilled IT professionals who are fluent in English. IOS, Android, and Swift are “luxury” skills, with average salary is above 1,300$ per month. Java is most-wanted skill taking about 35%.

We believe that these reports might help you to have a clearer view about Apps Development Sourcing in Vietnam. Therefore, if you need a full version of these reports, feel free to fill in the form on the left. We will send them to you!


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