Offshore Development Center in Vietnam – Ways to test their capability

offshore development center

Hiring an Offshore Development Center in Vietnam might be difficult to foreign companies.

To avoid wasting money, it needs to confirm that offshore development center has a good understanding of how to write code that is modular, reusable, efficient and easy to understand and maintain. Firstly, there should be a technical test to define their skills and experience. However, an ability to follow directions and complete all aspects of the software developer lifecycle is also necessary.

1. Technical test source

vietnam offshore development center , Upwork, TopTal or Solvate and most other online marketplaces provide skill tests to freelancer. However, the best way to determine a programmer’s skill is to hire a known skilled programmer to evaluate another programmer’s work.

If you are not familiar with offshore development center, you could give questions base on their portfolio, then carefully listen to their response. Right after that, there is no better action than directly contact their previous customers to estimate your future offshore team. An honest company would love to give you contacts of their previous customer (if their customer allow).

2. Ability to follow directions and complete all aspects

It is better to work with average developers who are responsive and committed, rather than hot-shot, egotistical techies who discard directions and run projects their own way. You might test a team with the small project first, before committing to a critical project. In Vietnam, there are some offshore centers allow you to test them in first 30 days without paying a fee (including us: Inapps Technology), this allows you to see that how do they work.

If you have the work module, testing simultaneously with multiple offshore centers gives you the flexibility to move work around quickly. In Vietnam, it’s not hard to look for an experience offshore development center.

Make sure the offshore shop understands the contract, everything should be clear in the beginning. With an ability to understanding contract well, offshore development center proves that they can finish it well and expect to work effectively instead of working out issues as the relationship develops.

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