Overview of Saigon – Vietnam’s ‘Silicon Valley’

Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) will be next ‘Silicon Valley’ of Vietnam with the huge investment in tech projects such as Quang Trung Tech-park and Saigon Silicon City. Youth, innovation, and investment are coming together in Ho Chi Minh City foster a vibrant startup scene that the government hopes will help modernize Vietnam’s fast-growing economy.

Start-up Success Stories

Starting with famous Start-up success stories such as Ticketbox and Foody, it’s hard to deny the booming of startup companies in Vietnam.

Ticket box was founded in 2013, provide to users the online platform with which people can easily buy tickets for concerts and other events.  Ticketbox has been expanding to Singapore and Thailand and looking for more investment to grow up.

There are many different stories in Saigon, impressing by Flappy Bird game of Dong Nguyen or Tappy social app by Thuy Truong. Those app products bring not only revenue but also impression to the world.

Place of Young People

Vietnam would soon become one of Google’s most important markets, Sundar Pichai – Google chief executive informed. Fifty percent of the population is below 35 years old and many of them have studied aboard. Experts say that Vietnam is full of the chance for entrepreneurs. Like many other neighbor countries, Vietnam was predicted to grow 6.5 percent GDP in 2017 by World Bank.

Vietnam was also a base for software development outsourcing by international companies. The number of software offshore center in Ho Chi Minh is increasing year by year. The most popular entrepreneur is Japanese Companies, following by Singapore, US, and Canada.

In 2017, the Tech Event named TechExpo hosted by ITviec and Vietnamwork will be available in Grand Palace, Tan Binh Ho Chi Minh City. This event was interested in more than 55 companies across the country, for example, TMA solutions, KMS technology, Capgemini, etc…

‘Sofware Developer’ is a hot career now in Ho Chi Minh city, according to TechExpo 2016, there was more than 2200 talent developers attend this Tech Recruitment Event. 

Thu Mai – InApps Technology



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