Properties of the Internet of Things

Intelligence and automation in control is actually not a part of the idea of ​​IoT. Machines can easily recognize and respond to the ambient environment (ambient intelligence), they can also control themselves (autonomous control) without the need for network connection. However, in recent times people have begun to study the combination of IoT and autonomous control concepts. The future of IoT can be a network of intelligent entities capable of organizing and operating individually depending on the situation and environment, and they can also communicate with each other to exchange information, data.

Integrating intelligence into IoT can also help devices, machines, and software collect and analyze human electronic traces when we interact with smart things, thereby detecting new knowledge related to life, the environment, social interactions as well as human behavior.

Event-based architecture

The entities and machines in the IoT will respond based on the events that occur while they operate in real-time. Some researchers have said that a network of sensors is a simple component of IoT.

Is a complex system

In an open world, IoT will be complex because it includes a large number of links between devices, machines, and services, but also by the ability to add new accelerators.


An IoT network can contain up to 50 to 100 trillion connected objects and this network can track the movement of each object. A person living in the city can be surrounded by 1000 to 5000 objects capable of tracking.

The problem of space and time

In IoT, the exact geographical position of something is very important. Currently, the Internet is mainly used to manage information processed by people. Therefore information such as location, time, and space of the object is not very important because the information processor can decide whether this information is necessary or not, and if necessary, they can supplement more. Meanwhile, the IoT will theoretically collect a lot of data, which may have redundant data about the location, and processing that data is considered inefficient. In addition, processing a large amount of data in a short time to meet the operation of the object is also a challenge today.

Not everything in IoT needs to be connected to a global network, we can operate in a single system (subsystem). Imagine a smart home in which electrical appliances can interact with each other and operate without having to access the Internet unless we need to control it remotely. This house can be considered a subsystem. Just like today, we have LAN, WAN, local peer networks, not directly connected to the Internet.

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