Real estate technology in 2020: How to survive Coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus epidemic is having a great impact on the global economy and Vietnam, increasing difficulties for the real estate market.

To avoid spreading the disease and minimize the risk of Coronavirus infection due to direct contact, many people in need of housing have chosen the safe method of buying houses online. Therefore, the sale of houses through applications has brought positive effects to real estate businesses under COVID-19.

Benefits of real estate app development

However, according to experts, the difficulty of the disease is also an opportunity for real estate businesses to show their advantages, bravery, and competitiveness in the market. For example, in Singapore, according to information from Shawn Xu, Vice President of Silversea Media Group, in the context of the global epidemic of Covid-19, a large Chinese real estate business has applied technology to allow customers to visit houses, apartments with VR virtual reality technology. As a result, in just 3 days this business has earned 8.3 million dollars.

In general, a real estate app allows buyers and sellers to easily understand, access products and transact conveniently on their smartphones. At the same time, the sales team can consult 24/7 online with individual customers or set up online consulting groups without meeting and direct contact with customers, minimizing the possibility of cross-virus infection. COVID-19. 

In addition, the application of technology in sales also reduces labor costs, operating costs, thereby reducing product costs, bringing real value to each customer and each link in the apparatus.

Many customers choose to buy a home through the app to avoid having to meet in person, thus reducing the risk of disease transmission.

Trends of the future

According to a joint study by Google and the American Real Estate Association (NAR), 9 out of 10 people wishing to buy real estate use the Internet to search for information. This is also one of the important prerequisites for the development of online real estate transactions in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular.

Previously, customers had to search between a sea of ​​real estate information on the Internet, not knowing which information was right, what was wrong, now all the information you need is in one application, complete and intelligent. With the ever-increasing development of technology to best meet the needs of users, new and more intelligent forms have been born.

In addition, according to JLL Vietnam, a market research company, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are two of the cities with the most technologically young population in the world, with 70% of the population under 35, This is a favorable condition for the application of technology to develop. Many other areas of society have applied information technology in sales such as banking, technology vehicles, e-commerce …

Therefore, selling real estate with technology is also an inevitable trend in the future and is considered a prominent trend in 2020.

In particular, in the context of COVID – 19 disease outbreaks are booming globally and evolving complicatedly today, many countries in Asia, Europe and America have taken measures to blockade, close borders or impose a curfew, even some places do not let people work or use public transportation. Doctors, health workers around the world send a very meaningful and moving message to call people to stay home as an effort in COVID -19 prevention: “Stay home. Save lives “. While the whole world is struggling against the epidemic and before the terrible spread of the Coronavirus, the technology applications help every purchase and sale take place online, people do not have direct contact with each other. 

Using the real estate app to buy and sell real estate has helped show responsibility for the community. This is both the smartest and most effective way to limit the spread and spread of viruses, ensuring the health and absolute safety of agents and customers.

Through the application of technology, investors provide accurate and complete information to ensure transparency for customers, from which customers can trust real estate options without consulting and meeting in person. Besides, with outstanding intelligent features, the broker can sit at home to actively introduce products by the latest technology.

Real Estate App case study from InApps Technology

feature-real-estate inapps technology

For Real Estate App, users can list and find properties, houses, homes, and agents. It enables you to create your own real estate with property list view and map view, Lists (categories), Deep link sharing, search, filter, Admob Ads, Push Notifications, RTL Support, In-App purchase, agent lists, video and image support and much more.


– Search, users can search for properties easily.

– Filter, properties can be filtered.

– Admin Page, a powerful admin page to manage, edit, create properties, categories, agents, send push notifications and much more.

– Admin Page Dashboard, view how many people viewed, favorited or shared your properties.

– Side Navigation Menu, easy navigation through the side

– Agent List, give your user’s contact information to your agents.

– Push Notifications include firebase push notifications.

– Send them directly from the admin page.

– Settings Page, allows users to turn off push notifications.

– Properties recommendation.


  • Android
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • HTML

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