SaaS – The inevitable trend of the software market for Vietnamese enterprises

According to experts’ predictions, along with the ongoing wave of technology, SaaS – enterprise software will certainly become the trend and also the choice of Vietnamese businesses.


Just started developing in about 10 years, but SaaS (Software as a Service – software service) has been favored by businesses of all sizes in the world. According to a recent survey from BetterCloud, by 2020, 73% of world businesses will turn to SaaS entirely.

According to experts’ predictions, along with the strong wave of technology, SaaS is certainly becoming the trend and also the choice of Vietnamese businesses.

What is SaaS and how does it work?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service, a form of software transfer that allows users to access remotely via a web browser through an Internet connection.

Users only need to pay a fee to “rent” the service from the provider, or use some basic features for free, without having to invest in the server or take technical responsibilities such as fixing system failures and maintenance …

Saas vs SaaP

Compared to traditional software (SaaP – Software as a Product), which means buying software for installation, SaaS is considered a great leap forward in software technology, especially for businesses.

Previously, businesses using SaaP would have to spend a lot of effort to install, spend a great deal of money on maintenance, and bear a high risk of damage. Like buying a private aircraft, besides having a large sum of money to own it, you are also responsible for maintenance and repair. SaaS, meanwhile, is like making a reservation for airline service, which is more civilized and economical.

The time to deploy a SaaS software in an enterprise usually takes 5-7 days (compared to the time of 6 months or longer to complete the installation of an on-premise system). Users after being granted an account can log in and use the application immediately. When the system needs updating or expanding, businesses only need to buy more accounts, use more or fewer applications to meet the growing needs of the business, without affecting other parts.

Why do companies use SaaS? What are the advantages of SaaS?

With many properties suitable for businesses such as low cost and high conversion cost, high flexibility, SaaS is increasingly used by businesses. By using SaaS, businesses can focus more on stability and business development instead of handling, upgrading, and system administration.

In addition, current SaaS products are increasingly specialized and serviced for almost every part of the business, from personnel, operations, finance, product development to sales-marketing, and Customer care … Even very specialized services such as analyzing and optimizing a job posting, or specialized software for managing posts on social networks, … are also distributed by many companies to meet every smallest business expectation.

According to Blissfully, by the end of 2017, an average enterprise will use 18 SaaS products and invest in SaaS about 136,000 USD per year … The age of big companies like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Adobe Creative Cloud … This shows that SaaS almost occupies an overwhelming position in the software technology market.

The inevitable trend of the software market for Vietnamese enterprises

Businesses around the world tend to use SaaS as the only type of software in the near future. In a new report called Service Software Market: Technology and Global Markets by 2022, BCC Research predicts that the SaaS-based industry will be valued at $ 44.4 billion in 2017. By 2022, it is estimated that the value will reach 94.9 billion USD, meaning that the annual growth rate (CAGR) of the SaaS market is about 16.4% – a “huge” figure showing the potential. opportunities and open opportunities for this software service industry.

Because SaaS service software can come from many vendors, the modern trend of the SaaS model in the world is increasing the integration between this software so that they work together smoothly, creating synergy for the whole enterprise.

This explains a business can use multiple SaaS software at the same time. According to the 2017 statistical data of BCC Research, the average number in the world is 16 software/businesses.

Significant signal for the SaaS industry in Vietnam

According to a study conducted in 2016 by the Asian Cloud Computing Association, Vietnam has the 14th fastest growing cloud computing industry in the continent, right after the two countries with the most developed industries are China and India and far ahead of other countries in the region.

While the SaaS trend is leading the B2B Tech (business technology) world, SaaS is still a relatively new term in Vietnam. But according to experts’ predictions, along with the ongoing wave of technology, SaaS will certainly become the trend and also the choice of businesses in the future.

Customer care is more convenient than international SaaS services, this will be an opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to access this type of software. Even businesses with less than 10 people can easily deploy and use professional SaaS software.

Vietnamese businesses are actually very open. The biggest obstacle is that businesses do not know about the existence of this new type of software. For example, the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a form of SaaS that has been popular in the world for decades, but for Vietnamese businesses, most of them are heard for the first time. But if businesses understand their problems and want to develop better, the application of technology is simple. With the advantages of flexibility, cost savings, and scalability, SaaS is very suitable for Vietnamese businesses with many breakthrough growth potentials, especially in the digital transformation movement being promoted. 

InApps Technology – SaaS application development company in Vietnam

Established in 2016, InApps Technology has continually evolved over the past years to reach to the forefront of being a leading software development and IT outsourcing company in Vietnam.

We have great involvement with creating innovative applications that are intended to meet customer’s particular necessities to give them exceptionally strong, utilitarian and savvy applications to pick up with the most extreme rate of return and affordable cost. 

We provide solutions to different SAAS applications to diverse industries. Our development process includes:

  • Integration of SAAS Apps through the use of APIs or custom integration apps.
  • Analytics & Data Management with advanced analytics, data management tools, and reporting solutions that are useful for data preparation, data collection, data visualization.
  • App & Data Management on the cloud by delivering on-demand service, from developing to deploying the SAAS app solution as well as maintenance and cloud scaling.
  • Greatest execution with a complete process from consulting, designing, development, testing, debugging and ongoing support.

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