Social Networks Platform SaaS

Saas can offer software features to one or more than one parties. This is a form of software transfer that allows users to access remotely via a web browser through an Internet connection. Trello is an example, according to Bloomberg, it has grown steadily to 30,000 paying subscribers since they were founded in 2008.

Social Networks Platform SaaS can be used in Company, University, School, in which we can communicate, plan, share, like, set up events…That means with one application, you can provide services for many types of companies. 

Have a look our SaaS Social Platform


With one application, companies can choose the features, which are suitable for their business. The cost could be charged monthly or annually. There are some tools available in this application:

  • Timeline
  • Chat
  • Group 
  • Events
  • Profile
  • Like
  • Comment
  • Share
  • Marketplace
  • Page
  • Library

InApps Technology can help you…

We have over ten years of experience in software developing and IT outsourcing.

We provide solutions to different SAAS applications to diverse industries. Our development process includes:

  • Integration of SAAS Apps through the use of APIs or custom integration apps.
  • Analytics & Data Management with advanced analytics, data management tools, and reporting solutions that are useful for data preparation, data collection, data visualization.
  • App & Data Management on the cloud by delivering on-demand service, from developing to deploying the SAAS app solution as well as maintenance and cloud scaling.
  • Greatest execution with a complete process from consulting, designing, development, testing, debugging and ongoing support.



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