Software outsourcing companies in Vietnam face challenges

While India and China continue offering businesses to develop IT infrastructure, their software outsourcing costs are not as effective as they once were. As a result, they are no longer the only major destinations in the region to look for software outsourcing companies. Vietnam is steadily gaining traction as a premier country to outsource IT support. With a population of approximately 96m, Vietnam is an important regional market both for global technology vendors, and home-grown entrepreneurs. The country modernises and […]

InApps: Looking back on 2018

2018 was predicted as a handful year of new technology trends. It has drawn to a consistent increase in the demand for software services globally. Vietnam has developed as a new Asian tech-hub, and a preferably offshore outsourcing destination. As a leader of software outsourcing market in Vietnam, InApps has gained great trust from offshore clients. Over the years, InApps has experimented numerous business solutions to help clients optimize their ROIs of the projects. As we enter the year 2019, […]

What is the next mobile communication?

Mobile communication technology is evolving day by day and has become a must-have for everyone. From 1G to 4G with such technologies behind phenomenal growth and important developments along the way, we are wondering what the next mobile communication is. InApps will help you obtain a full understanding of mobile communication through stages and give you the answer for your question above. Mobile communication history The first commercial analogue mobile network – 1G – rolled out in the US in 1983. […]

What business risks can fail your software development outsourcing project?

Software development outsourcing is a strategy known to all IT departments and embraced by many companies to accomplish their business goals. Regardless of industry size, lots of companies struggle to outsource software development successfully. The root issues were neither systemic to the process of choosing the right outsourcing firm nor caused by the outsourcing partner, but rather due to internal factors of the company which ultimately prevented success. Defining and mitigating business risks will help company proactively remove barriers to […]