While India and China continue offering businesses to develop IT infrastructure, their software outsourcing company costs are not as effective as they once were. As a result, they are no longer the only major destinations in the region to look for offshore software development companies. Vietnam is steadily gaining traction as a premier country to outsource IT support. With a population of approximately 96m, hundreds of IT outsourcing companies, Vietnam is an important regional market both for global technology vendors, and home-grown entrepreneurs.

Software outsourcing challenges for Vietnamese companies

Software outsourcing challenges for Vietnamese companies

The country modernizes and adopts international standards in areas such as communications, infrastructure, and education technologies. The World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Human Capital Report ranked Vietnam 64th out of 130 countries. Vietnam’s IT industry is certainly on high growth. Subsequently, tough competition creates such software outsourcing challenges among domestic companies.

Rapid Growth of software outsourcing companies

The country’s IT companies outsourcing market is still young but has registered rapid growth. Many domestic start-ups and SMEs have jumped into this market and grown their businesses. Doing a great job and providing high quality is obvious. Giving what clients want is a must. Therefore, the competition among the best software development companies in Vietnam is getting tougher. Standing out is the only way to win the game.   

Different Pricing

Each IT software development outsourcing company in Vietnam comes up with different price strategies according to their business scales. That leads to clients’ confusion of qualities among quantities. Having a wise price strategy to win clients on cost-effective is not adequate. The reasonable price should come with the right quality to raise higher competency.


Offshore software development Vietnam – Software outsource company

Various options 

Clients have a range of vendor choices with various IT services at different levels. High competition has forced every business to develop its products and services. Nobody wants to be kicked out of the game. Improving categories is creating more options for vendors to find their solutions within. However, this tactic has to be carefully considered because expanding has to go with controlling quality.

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English skills challenge

There has been an increase in the IT workforce due to the opening of new universities and colleges. And it also includes foreign universities as well as a new wave of economic growth due to global integration. Nevertheless, it is still difficult for software outsourcing Vietnam to take on large ODC projects. Due to the lack of high-level English skills, has hampered the growth of the outsourcing business processes.

If you want to choose Vietnam for software outsourcing, look no further than InApps.

Acknowledging those 4 challenges Vietnam face above, InApps has done the math to come up with a new competency strategy in 2019 to help us stand out from the crowd. With great experiences, we’ve been earning through case studies, and with high competency, skillful and dedicated team, we are the best app development companies and the top software outsourcing companies in Vietnam.

  • NEOVIA – Nutrition and animal health app 
  • Holla – connects people together in order to learn, exchange languages around the world
  • DeepStudy SNS App: A messenger and educational platform which connects teachers, parents, and students to quickly communicate and keep track of all student’s reports
  • ALOGURU – First experts video call app in Vietnam
  • All Case studies

What we could do well for our past partners, we can do better for our future partners.

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