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The future of Vietnam’s software export market in Japan

Nov 19, 2019 TECH NEWS

The first Vietnam Intellectual Forum in Japan was held at JASSO International Convention Center, Tokyo on November 16, 2019. With the theme “Made in Vietnam – Opportunities and challenges”, the Forum is a place to connect and gather a wealth of knowledge from experts, policymakers and businesses from which to bring forth the brightest opportunities. They help build and develop the Vietnamese community in Japan as well as contribute to the country’s development. This is the largest-ever event of the Vietnamese intellectual community in Japan, with the participation of more than 500 guests who are representatives of ministries and agencies of the Government of Vietnam, more than 50 shows. The author is the leading Vietnamese researchers and experts in and outside Japan. The Forum, with the goal of contributing to gathering the intellectual community in Japan, discussing solutions, from macro policies to new products and technologies that can be applied in Vietnam, to form networks, interconnected networks, mutually supportive relationships in the spirit of progress and success in the context of integration and globalization.

According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ IT personnel report (METI), the shortage of IT human resources in Japan is increasingly serious. Human resource supply will peak in 2019, then gradually decline over the years. It is expected that by 2030, Japan will lack about 590,000 IT workers. This will be a great opportunity for the Vietnamese software export market in Japan, especially in the context that the number of Vietnamese living in Japan is currently very large, only third behind Korea and China.

In discussion with the future of Vietnam’s software export market in Japan as well as the trend of artificial intelligence (AI) development in the context of the Vietnam IT background scene today, it is important to improve Vietnam’s software export sector when the quality associated with the value of IT engineers will be raised in the next 10 to 20 years. Especially, it will not only stop at the simple manufacturing process level but will also take a position in the analysis chain, the design is more complicated and more active.

On the other hand, in the context of industrial revolution 4.0 has been affecting all sectors of the economy, especially production activities; Automated production models in developed countries are cheaper than concentrated production by cheap labor in developing countries. Export industries, including Vietnam’s software exports, are forecast to be more or less affected, posing challenges for the country’s economy while currently relying heavily on exports. Therefore, identifying the focus on developing artificial intelligence technology is an urgent and important requirement in optimizing the quality and enhancing the field of software export in Vietnam.

Predicting artificial intelligence will be a breakthrough technology in the coming time, Vietnam is to take advantage of the opportunities that the Industrial Revolution 4.0 offers businesses in the Japanese market in particular and an opportunity to transform strongly for the Vietnamese economy in general.

Focusing on analyzing the domestic software export market, offering solutions for improving technology export education and professional training,… are amongst the orientations of Vietnam’s software export market in the current context and the coming time.

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