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Mobile application development is a core service we offer to clients at Solution Analysts. For this, we leverage latest in mobile technology for leading platforms such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. We have delved into cross-platform mobile applications with highly sophisticated development technologies such as Ionic, Cordova, HTML 5, and JavaScript-based frameworks to deliver cost effective mobile applications, especially for enterprises. Here is a list of top 5 mobile apps developed by Solution Analysts –


MyDrobe is a personal digital stylist for those seeking assistance in deciding what to wear! Many celebrities are increasingly relying on mobile applications for deciding their wardrobe, we have brought this technology to the devices of office-goers, fashion-conscious and all those constantly on the run and need some help mixing and matching their attires and accessories.

The application uses proprietary Style Recognition Technology and Personalised Recommendation Engine to suggest products for purchase, outfits, and accessories based on personal styles and suitable brands. The user can save details and images of their personal wardrobe in a virtual wardrobe. The user can also get feedback and share their looks on social media via this app.


VaPay is a personal finance management application. The user can manage transactions made via debit/credit cards or with online banking. With features such as RoundIn, Recurring and QuickPay, the user can save extra money. Once the user’s card and/or banking details are stored with VaPay, automatic pays are made for Recurring deposits.

It gives a lot of control to the user so that they can pause transactions or cancel them at any stage. Payment history can be viewed and reviewed and all data stored on the application is secure.

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This app provides a two-way messaging system via inbox and push notifications. It delivers customized messages with video and HTML messages that user can access with the simple tap. Businesses can use it to push ad campaigns at a string budget and the Unique User Quality Report gives a snapshot of how each media source is performing and thus measure ad campaign effectiveness. The app has multiple engagement tools built-in.


This is a messaging app that can be used to send photos, videos, voice and text messages. There are several in-built features such as adding Friends, having followers and creating private groups for messaging. It uses the device cameras (both front and back) to shoot photos and videos. The user can also record 5-minute audio message and share multimedia on Facebook or Twitter.


This is a social fitness game app that users can browse for fitness videos and even upload their fitness regime. Users can share their progress and upload their own workout videos. They can also join groups of like-minded enthusiasts and rate achievements and analyze performance.

We are constantly working with application ideas that leverage latest technologies and lately it has been greatly about beacon technology and smart wear.


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