Vietnam wishes to become a center of innovation in Southeast Asia

Vietnam wishes to become a center of innovation in Southeast Asia. Ho Chi Minh City also set the direction to shift its export structure to focus on services and technology. However, not easy to implement.

Domestic enterprises (businesses) are increasingly investing in technology such as deploying digital transformation activities and cybersecurity (Cyber ​​Security). Therefore, the opportunity to invest in IT is not only for specialized IT departments but also for non-specialized parts. In fact, the market is running a race to hunt for human resources in the IT industry. The reason is that there are not many good human resources in the field but there is a risk of falling into the hands of foreign companies. 

Ho Chi Minh City is wide at the door of software export

Innovation is being mentioned as a trend nowadays but there are very few businesses. Labor. If we want to develop well, businesses need to have the right way, such as directly invite experts on innovation to Vietnam to share how to move from ideas to production processes to produce products. In fact, it is not easy to find good programmers and developers in the domestic market.

Information from the 2019 IT Services Development Conference with the theme “Vietnam: A destination for innovation” by the Software Export Business Union (VNITO) held in Ho Chi Minh City recently, shows that there are businesses Vietnam has provided solutions to use artificial intelligence to rate the severity of calls, filter spam calls for the US market. A number of time-saving and cleaner washing programming algorithms are also transferred by Vietnamese technology companies to European and American markets …

Needs a mechanism to support businesses 

Although the orientation of Ho Chi Minh City in particular and Vietnam, in general, is to shift the export structure to focus on services and technology, it is not easy to implement. Talking to the Lao Dong newspaper, Mr. Pham Phu Quoc, Deputy Director of the HCM City Development Research Institute, said that electronics, textiles, and footwear now account for nearly 60% of the export value of Ho Chi Minh City, so the restructuring of this one-sided soon is not easy. Although the 4th industrial revolution will cause the technology market to change very fast, can grow exponentially, it is difficult to quantify immediately, it is difficult to confirm the possibility of rapidly increasing billion outsourcing software industry.

Although Vietnamese enterprises have been able to build and come up with their own software solutions to serve the domestic market, in the field of export, domestic enterprises are mainly outsourcing low value-added products. The reason is that the size of enterprises is still small and faces many difficulties in personnel, salary costs, ground costs … Therefore, it is time to discuss solutions to promote businesses in addition to serving the domestic market to export efficiency.

It is necessary to have policies to increase IT human resources; policies to encourage the establishment of outsourcing enterprises, software exports; support and encourage more IT enterprises to reduce difficulties and obstacles in the first phase of operation. At the same time, offering programs connecting IT enterprises and consulting software solutions with the community of other businesses.

At a recent conference on assessing the investment and export situation of Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hoa, Deputy Director of the Department of Industry and Trade of Ho Chi Minh City, said that surveys from enterprises showed the strength of the city compared to other provinces in the fields of production and development of software products and digital content. Estimated sales of this product can reach 3-4 billion USD / year. In the coming time, if there is proper investment, this product will be a major breakthrough for the city. Ho Chi Minh City is also interested in building a project to formulate IT exchanges to transfer from traditional to modern transactions, and also associated with the smart urban scheme.

Phi Anh Tuan, Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association, mentioned the situation of Vietnamese commercial startups that often choose the path to invest in Singapore and then return to do many big projects that worth millions of dollars for Vietnam. As a result, Vietnam suffers from tax losses. Therefore, the city needs to have a mechanism to support businesses starting up in the field of technology.

Lack of specific action

Identifying the advantage of developing software services is not new in the city’s policies. Decision 153 / QD-UBND dated 10-1-2013 stated: “The city has many advantages and advantages to develop export services such as logistics services, software export services, consulting services. and technical assistance, high-tech services … Orienting to 2020, these fields account for about 12% of export turnover.

In addition, the Information Technology Development Program for the period of 2016-2020 was also issued by the City from 2016, including the content of developing IT human resources; create a bridge for businesses and schools to have orders to meet the human resources for IT businesses; formulating a program to attract senior experts in the IC and electronics industry and supporting the start-up of international students after returning home, the new engineers coming out of the IC and electronics industry …

The major solutions are identified and proposed. The city lacks the ability to go into details, act specifically, appreciate the capacity of the industry apparatus. From there, focus on human resource training because this is the core of the software industry, strengthening public portals to provide industry and market data, minimizing the costs of enterprise establishment.

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