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Where to hire Offshore Java Developers?

If you check the rankings of the world’s most popular and demanded programming languages, you’ll always find Java somewhere at the top.

Here are some examples of recent rankings (as of 2018-2019):

Additionally, the rating by Fortune 25 shows that Java is used by such world-renowned companies as Apple, Walmart, Amazon, Ford, and others. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that the demand for qualified Java developers for hire is on the rise nowadays.

First heard in 1995, Java is still one of the most popular programming languages, serving back-end developers a good job, having remained among top 3 coding languages rankings for many years.

In this article, we’ll highlight the benefits of Java as a programming language, provide an overview of Java developer salaries worldwide, and give you some tips on how to hire offshore Java developers in 2022.

Considering the rise of remote work since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, in case you need Java developers, you must know that sometimes you can find the best developers offshore. We’ll touch on the aspect of outsourcing Java development full-time in this article, too.

Strengths of Java as a programming language


If you are still considering whether you should use Java on your project, once again do not forget that Java existed on the market for over 20 years, and still manages to top the global charts of programming languages and remain the number one choice of industry giants.

So why is the Java language so powerful?

Here are the key benefits of Java:

  • Java is platform-independent. The language is compatible with all platforms and devices, from mainframe data centers to smartphones. Its compiled code – bytecode – can run on almost any platform without recompilation.
  • Java is object-oriented. It enables you to build modular programs and reuse the code. You can also use it for web scraping purposes.
  • The language is easy to learn, write, compile, debug, and thus is good for beginners.
  • Java is the base language for the Android operating system.
  • As a mature language, Java is more stable and predictable than other programming languages.
  • Because of its popularity worldwide, Java has a large active user community and support available.
  • Java’s powerful development tools such as Eclipse SDK and NetBeans offer an integrated development environment and have a debugging capability.

Java developers for hire: salary and freelance rates worldwide

Now we are going to compare the salaries of Java developers in various countries.

We will consider both the annual rates for in-house specialists and hourly rates for freelancers and offshore Java developers based in agencies and will be using the data at Indeed.com and Payscale.com.


Java developer salary rates worldwide: the state of 2022

  • United States: $ 39,000 per year – junior, $ 102,699 – middle, $ 202,000 – senior.
  • Australia: $ 38,000 per year – junior, $ 99,906 — middle, $ 189,000 – senior.
  • Canada: $ 30,000 per year – junior, $ 84,507 – middle, $ 165,000 – senior.
  • United Kingdom: $ 19,673 per year – junior, $ 69,454 – middle, $ 149,510 – senior.
  • France: $ 19,241 per year – junior, $ 43,538 – middle, $ 83,757 – senior.
  • Germany: $ 37,359 per year – junior, $ 52,077 – middle, $70,191 – senior.
  • Poland: $ 9,793 per year – junior, $ 22,234 – middle, $39,440 – senior.
  • Israel: $ 5,604 per year – junior, $ 50,443 – middle, $93,039 – senior.
  • India: $ 2,643 per year – junior, $ 6,385 – middle, $ 14,447 – senior.
  • China: $ 11,039 per year – junior, $ 19,542 – middle, $52,511 – senior.

As you can see, there is a striking difference in Java developer salaries between some countries, like between the United States and India.

Due to high costs and developer shortages, companies in the US would often prefer to outsource Java development or hire remote offshore Java programmer talent. Now let’s take a look at the freelance hourly rates for the same countries, found at Ziprecruiter.com and Upwork.com.

Java developer freelance rates worldwide: the state of 2022

  • United States: $25 per hour – junior, $60 – middle, $120 – senior.
  • Australia: $80 per hour — middle.
  • Canada: $20 per hour – junior, $95 – senior.
  • United Kingdom: $20 per hour – junior, $130 — senior.
  • France: $15 per hour – junior, $110 – senior.
  • Germany: $25 per hour – junior, $120 – senior.
  • Poland: $20 per hour – junior, $85 – senior.
  • Israel: $40 per hour – junior, $100 – senior.
  • India: $9 per hour – junior, $65 – senior.
  • China: $15 per hour – junior, $100 – senior.

Pro tips for hiring Java experts

No matter which country you’re in and which location you choose to hire Java developer talent, here are some general tips that may help you during this challenging process.

So, what you should look for in a perfect candidate for the position of a Java developer?

First of all, when hiring java developers you have to make sure they have the required technical knowledge. Apart from testing the knowledge of general Java-related concepts, such as object-oriented programming, concurrency, SQL queries, and so on, you can ask the “narrower,” more specific questions, such as:

  • How does Garbage Collection prevent a Java application from running out of memory?
  • What is JIT?
  • When to use volatile variables?
  • Why do you need to use synchronized methods or blocks?
  • What is the marker interface in Java?
  • Why is it not possible to extend more than one class in Java but possible to implement multiple interfaces?
  • What is the advantage of a generic collection?

And of course, do not forget about the practical tasks such as writing a function or reviewing a piece of code.

Then you should test the developer’s soft skills.

You can ask some random tricky questions to check their problem-solving skills and the ability to get out of critical situations. You can also ask them about their greatest achievement and greatest failure when working on previous projects.

It may seem obvious, but communication is another crucial skill that sets a great Java developer apart. Hire Java developers who can communicate well both inside the team and to stakeholders.

If you’re interviewing someone for a remote or freelance Java developer position, ask about their experience working remotely.

Additionally, ask how they typically overcome the challenges of remote work such as the lack of face-to-face communication or distractions.

Other tips are as follows:

  • Thoroughly check each candidate’s competencies. At the screening stage, when you find out that your candidate’s CV may contain not enough information, do not hurry to put it away. First, ask the candidate for extra information such as their code samples, a link to a GitHub profile, or published articles, if any.
  • Establish a transparent interview process. A standardized, consistent interview process can help you better evaluate the candidates. Do not forget to prepare for your interviews in advance. To begin with, write down a list of the most important questions and topics you want to cover and draft possible answers to those questions.

Browse 100+ Java Developers Available for Hire

Where to find and hire a dedicated Java developer?


You may be thinking that because of Java’s popularity, it’s quite easy to hire a Java developer for your project. However, this popularity also has a flip side and it may be actually hard to find good Java developers.

It’s easy to learn this language, and many people may learn it just to land a coding job with a nice salary. As a result, they are not passionate about their job, seeing it just as a source of income.

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But if you’re a startup founder seeking creative, enthusiastic people, then for sure just the knowledge of Java will not be enough for you. Besides, according to Robert Half, Java is used mainly for big enterprise projects, that’s why programmers typically do not use it to experiment with their own projects. And that’s why a good Java developer is hard to find.

You can go further and pay a recruiter so they can help you hire Java programmer talent. But before you start planning your budget for that – be aware that there are also alternative ways to hire a team of Java developers.

We recommend trying InApps. With InApps, it will be definitely easier for you to hire Java developers for your project.

Over to you

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to hiring offshore Java developers. Though the language is enormously popular, it’s quite hard to find qualified specialists, because many of them learn Java only to land a coding job.

However, now that you are aware of the current hiring trends, you can choose what works best for you when you decide to outsource Java programming. The InApps team is probably the fastest and easiest way to simplify the process of Java developer outsourcing. Just provide us with your Java development job, and we’ll source the best candidates for it available starting next week.

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