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Working with Customers to Meet Developer Needs – InApps is an article under the topic Devops Many of you are most interested in today !! Today, let’s InApps.net learn Working with Customers to Meet Developer Needs – InApps in today’s post !

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Inside-Out At HPE — Working With Customers To Meet Developer Needs

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About three-and-a-half years ago, Cloud Technology Partners (CTP) started working with HPE as change agents to help in how they used and consumed information technology. In one of the use cases, they were asked to work with an HPE team of about 450 developers who were using a particular waterfall method, said Robert Christiansen, vice president of Global Cloud Delivery at CTP in an interview for this latest episode of InApps Makers podcast.

Christiansen said CTP started discussing how an approach using more modern development practices could make them more agile and adapt to market changes faster. Last year, HPE acquired CTP, with the intention of furthering develop the hybrid cloud business.

CTP has come to find that vendors and customers often have the same problems, Christiansen said. That’s not at all surprising when considering how fast the pace of innovation has come as infrastructure becomes more unified and interchangeable with containers and orchestration technologies. How companies develop services and internally build that capability becomes a key factor.

A lot of that effort is coming with CTP’s work with HPE OneSphere, which Christiansen says is beyond a cloud management platform and more of a governance framework. HPE is rebooting the whole process. It has created a full-stack team and is working to redirect and teaching new methods to use new tool sets.

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CTP has done a lot of cloud-native work, developing environments that were largely container-based. They are now working internally and externally with developers as pretty much the driving force.

In This Edition:

1:22: Christiansen’s reflection on HPE as it has gone through this transformation to a more application-oriented structure.
6:05: The technology decisions CTP has been making to create a more continuous delivery process of its own.
8:04: What are the challenges business leaders face when working with a multi-cloud atmosphere.
11:14: What CTP is doing to help businesses address these challenges.
13:22: When taking customers through this process, what are some of the obstacles you have to clear out of the way?
16:44: How architectures like Kubernetes create synergy so customers can continue to iterate and provide continuous delivery.

HPE sponsored this podcast.

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