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Ceo InApps

I’m Tam Ho, the Founder and CEO of InApps Technology. Our company is the top-ranked firm in Vietnam and fifth in Southeast Asia in the fields of Application Development and Custom Software Development. At InApps Technology, we place a strong emphasis on building a team with a people-centered culture that delivers an outstanding WOW experience to our customers.

Our robust technology solutions have helped hundreds of startups and brands achieve success. Furthermore, with more than 5,000 connections to C-Level executives on LinkedIn and over 10,000 other professionals in communities, we aspire to bring BIG VALUES to our partners and customers.

Our services include world-class software development, building dedicated talent teams for only 30% of the cost of local vendors, comprehensive and systematic consulting for tech startup solutions, and growth-hacking marketing solutions. We are committed to providing high-quality and cost-effective services to our clients to help them achieve their business objectives.

If you have read this far, please do not hesitate to contact me for further advice. I am always ready to assist you in any way possible.

Core Mission


As leading in software development services, we focus on the niche market related to mobility solutions and high productivity development teams to expand the business model for our clients.

For Customers

Realizing customer ideas through the revolution of mobility, systemization, automation, and our core human competencies.

For Employees

Building a comprehensive development environment for each employee goes along with the company’s vision toward sustainability and happiness.

For Owners

Bringing effective long-term investment to shareholders through transparency and building strong relationships.

For Society

Solving common problems of society through applying advanced technology in and humane way.

Company Culture

At InApps, we strive to create an open, empowered, and shared working environment for employees.

Promoting responsibility, innovation, and continuous self-development aiming toward a successful and sustainable growth team is among our priorities.


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Core Values

Driven by integrity, we thrive to become initiative in every single plan and action. With extensive expertise in software solutions, we aim at building a professional and productive environment and work tirelessly to add value for clients by constantly raising the standard of our services.

The story of us

The inspiration comes from the mission

There are many reasons why a client’s ideas cannot come true. This is where we come in. By leveraging our industry expertise, InApps was born to get your idea up and running.

The importance of technology

Technology is empowering companies to change drastically in digital transformation, helping them to move forward even further.

The importance of people

People are still at the center of the digital age, a competitive advantage in building a service quality management system.

Our company history

Our passion for technology inspired us to start InApps with the desire of
helping Start-ups and SMEs successfully utilize technology to growth hack
their business.



InApps Technology was established with a team of 5 people who are passionate for technology solutions. ​



InApps Technology surpassed the revenue goal and increased the team to 10 people.​



InApps Technology continuously increased in size with a team of 20 people. ​



We have grown up to 40 employees who have the same vision to serve our customers better.



As digital transformation and IoT are changing business, we set out to provide startups and enterprises solutions to leap by leveraging disruptive technologies.



Looking towards the future, we strive to apply a long-term cooperation model with our customers by investing and growing together.



We are now one of the best IT leaders who always try to ensure 100% of customer satisfaction and be a companion in their memorable milestones.

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