Your most common questions were answered.

1. What services do you offer?

We focus on the niche market related to mobility solutions and high productivity dedicated team to expand the business model for our clients.

2. What types of companies do you work with?

We help startups & SMEs disruptively enhance their business growth with the latest technologies and innovative solutions. If you already have an existing tech product and are looking to scale or gain access to skilled talent, we are the partner of choice.

3. Can I start with just one developer?

Building teams is what we do. It’s hard to build a team with 1 person, so we generally require at least 2 headcounts and a 6-month duration to help create the best environment for your new colleagues. We also provide all the resources you need to scale your team.

4. Can I find developers with expertise in a specific technology/programming language?

Definitely! We’ve successfully built teams of offshore developers with expertise in the latest tech stacks such as PHP, C#, .NET, JavaScript, React, Angular, HTML/CSS, Laravel, etc. — to name a few. Front-end engineers, back-end engineers, blockchain developers, engineers with expertise in iOS, Android, and DevOps – whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it with us.

5. How do you make sure you find suitable candidates?

We have a full recruitment process with 6 steps – only then do we put the best candidate in front of you for the final interview. If there is any specific testing required, you will be able to do this.

6. How long does building a fully functioning development team take?

Based on the number of developers you require, we will need 2 to 3 weeks to prepare and fill up the team. We make sure that our dedicated offshore team will be available before the started day of the project.

7. Is communication an issue?

Not at all. English is the language of the software development industry. All of the engineers we hire are good at English communication and have worked with international companies. We’ve never had any issues when it comes to communication, plus you get the final say on who joins your team!

8. How do I work with my developers?

In a nutshell, exactly how you work with your developers back home — the same tools, the same communication platforms, and the same management. It’s your team in every sense. The only difference? They’re a continent away.

9. What if I’m not satisfied with the performance of my engineers?

Every potential candidate is meticulously screened through technical and non-technical tests to ensure that your team has only the best engineers in the industry. And all engineers also have a probation period in the first 6 months. If you’re unhappy with the performance of any developer, we will work with you to find the best outcome/solution.

10. What happens if an engineer leaves?

They must serve the appropriate notice time under their agreement, and we will locate a successor.

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