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About Recipe App

Different from other recipe apps found in the market, the app we gonna introduce is inspired and established by a Chef. Our client has a special passion for food and he desired to create an app that is not only beautiful and inspiring but also helps users cook a specially curated plate of meals.

This Recipe Learning App was designed with the purpose to let users discover new recipes with the most personalized app-using experience. In specific, users could add ingredients of their choice and the app will come up with suggestions for different recipes based on the selected ingredients.

App's Functionalities and Features

Variety options

One of the most simplistic yet sophisticated feature was the variety of options. With this feature, users could select from different categories available on the app to quickly and easily learn new recipes.

We designed various icons to go with the theme so that users can quickly get the information they are looking for.


Different views

Any good recipe book will always have beautiful images of the food. Similarly to deliver a unique experience to the users, we integrated thousands of food & culinary images to help the dishes stand out and give an idea of what the dishes will look like.


Details of the Dishes

Any recipe or cooking learning app will have details of the dish. But what was different about this was the user interface was extremely friendly and easy to use. With clearly divided sections for ingredients, instructions, and comments, the screens had minimal designs to not overwhelm users.


Intelligent Search

With this feature, users could add various ingredients of their choice, filter the cooking duration, and select categories as well as the difficulty level. The app is designed to do an intelligent search based on the user’s inputs and come up with a unique suggestion.


In the brainstorming stage, the InApps team always starts with a detailed requirement s gathering of the project. To lay down the scope of the idea in terms of features and functionalities gives the client as well as the design team an upper hand at creating a unique product.


We designed wireframes to not only support the design team but also let them act as a back-and-forth mechanism to facilitate the overall design process.

The Final Takeaway

In conclusion, the app was designed to give the look and feel of a recipe book, but under a digital format.

Along with the user interface, the UX fundamentals made the app an extraordinary culinary experience for people who share the cooking hobbies.

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