Project Highlights

Social networking application: Kizuner app users can easily contact and create a friendly relationship with people all over the world across the border to support each other. Hence, expanding such a new lifestyle -“Do what you love”- that has never existed before is the mission of Kizuner.


InApps first got senior developers to delve into the ongoing broken project while our project manager was maintaining seamless communication to understand the challenges at the business point of view, then we combined two types of knowledge to handle complex issues, prioritized the key issues to solve first then assigned big tasks to senior devs and the rest to juniors.


• React
• NodeJS
• SocketIO
• Redis
• Google Cloud Storage


• The vendor had not finished well before and leaving many kinds of risks such as bugs, messy in code writing, and hidden errors.
• There was no document about requirements and API document, we had just one thing, source code, that was sent to us with a long list of critical.


• Login via Facebook, Google, Line
• Phone verification
• Play live arcade games
• Trade tickets for prizes
• HTML5 mini games

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