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The move from e-commerce to m-commerce has been a result of an organic growth process in the e-tailing market. As people spend more time with online shopping on their mobile devices, it makes sense to have a mobile application ready for their convenience.

Further, brand loyalty can be promoted by driving customers towards downloading the mobile application rather than shopping on the mobile site of the business. Enterprise application development is receiving a huge impetus from this emerging trend which is bounding towards a rapid rise.

Mobile Trends

As per a report published by “We Are Social”, a global social media agency, the internet traffic is generated, 27% on laptops and desktops, 1% on tablets and a whopping 72% on mobile phones.

This number is growing and very soon, it may come to overshadow the 27% share of laptops and desktops too. This trend has set the majority of the e-commerce businesses to take a plunge in mobile commerce and in turn driven the enterprise app market online.

App Development Technology

Whether it is WooCommerce or BigCommerce, application development platforms, especially the open source platforms are witnessing a huge demand as they present a distinct price advantage.

The growth in m-commerce and hyperlocal business drives integration of features such as social networking and GPS integration as business trade locally. Enterprise applications for e-tailing are incomplete without social networking connectivity for promotion. In fact, Twitter’s Bootstrap toolkit promotes easy integration of responsive sites for mobile with its social networking platform.

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M-Commerce to Hyperlocal

Hyperlocal has vast potentials and many up and coming startups are taking advantage of this new wave to sell everything from grocery products to high-end transaction items, including automobiles and real estate. Hyperlocal commerce connects the local retailer with customers within a particular area.

They enjoy the advantage of lower logistics costs, inventory maintenance and shorter delivery time. The offerings are customized as per the tastes of the demographics.

It’s a Two-Way Street

Hyperlocal offers personalized services, improving their delivery capabilities while the hyperlocal stores depend more on goodwill and customer loyalty. Hybris development platform for ecommerce offers options to integrate product details, with multichannel management and operations management. This enables streamlined operations on a single platform.

Whether m-commerce or hyperlocal, or a synergy of the two, the digital technology has changed the face of how business is conducted and the new system is likely to change the face of the marketplace in a very evident manner.

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