The survey was conducted in February before the World Health Organization announced the Covid-19 pandemic. This result may not reflect the habit of working at home.

What is the most widely used programming language?

According to software developers, the Rust programming language is the most popular with 86.1% of developers saying they want to continue using it. Here is the list of the most widely used programming languages in 2020.

15. Flutter

Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.

14. Scala

Scala, short for Scalable Language, was first developed by German computer scientist Martin Oderky in 2001.

It is used by many Java developers, an old and very popular programming language. Scala is known as a concise language that developers use to make their applications more reliable and scalable. It also has the highest salary. According to a Stack Overflow survey, Scala developers averaged $ 76,000 globally and $ 150,000 in the US.

13. HTML / CSS

Developers use HTML for content and web applications, and use CSS to design the layout, like how different elements of a page are displayed together. They are almost always used together and learning them is considered to be the best way to start website development.

12. Bash / Shell / PowerShell

Bash, Shell and PowerShell all help computers interpret commands, such as for file manipulation, program execution, and text printing. PowerShell was developed and worked with Microsoft .Net tools by Microsoft. Bask in a free software project from the GNU operating system.


11. SQL

SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is basically used to communicate with databases such as accessing, manipulating and retrieving data.

Developers use SQL to analyze data to make strategic decisions for marketing, business operations and more.

10. JavaScript

According to a Stack Overflow survey, JavaScript, originally designed by Brenden Eich while at Netscape, is one of the most popular and most popular programming languages. It is used to build websites and web applications, helping to increase dynamism and interactivity. They are often used along with HTML and CSS.

9. Swift

The Swift programming language was launched by Apple in 2014 and it has become one of the fastest languages ​​ever since. Swift makes it easier to build iOS apps on mobile devices and desktop computers, and it is also becoming more popular for AI applications.

Uber, Airbnb, Square, Calm meditation apps and about 500,000 other apps on the App Store are at least partly written in Swift. Swift developers also earn an average salary of $ 58,000 globally and $ 125,000 in the US.

8. C #

C # is developed by Microsoft and can be used to build applications for the Windows operating system, websites, database applications, development tools, compilers, and more.

It is derived from the old programming languages ​​of C and C ++ but adds more modern features and is easier to use. It also shares characteristics with Java.

7. Dart

Google created Dart as a way for developers to design fast, high-performance applications that work on any platform.

According to Microsoft’s GitHub, this is also the fastest-growing programming language.

6. Julia

Julia is designed to be a fast, advanced and dynamic programming language for use in scientific and numerical applications. It is used for data visualization, scientific data and machine learning and so on.

5. Go

Google engineers developed the Go programming language in 2007 and deployed it in 2010. It was modeled after an older C programming language and was used to build simple and reliable software. Go is used in many of Google’s own manufacturing systems.

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Go has jumped five places this year, moving from the 10th most popular programming language in 2019 to the fifth now. It is also one of the highest-paid programming languages, developers report an average salary of $ 74,000 globally and $ 140,000 in the US.

4. Kotlin

Kotlin was developed by software tool company JetBrains, to help developers write Android applications faster and more efficiently. It is similar to the old programming language Java, but it is more modern and requires less code writing. It also has features that help developers avoid common programming errors.

Kotlin developers have an average salary of $ 130,000.

3. Python

Python is one of the most widely used programming languages ​​today because it is powerful, easy to read and easy to use. Big companies like Google, Printest, Instagram and Dropbox really like it.

It is used not only by software engineers but also by analysts, data scientists and machine learning researchers.

2. TypeScript

The typeScript was developed by Microsoft and it is a “super” JavaScript, meaning it has extra tools and features. It is considered suitable for building larger projects.

1. Rust

Mozilla developed Rust as a fast, reliable, performance programming language with secure memory when it prevents a lot of bugs. Today, this programming language is used in web services like Firefox, Dropbox and Cloudflare and is considered the top choice for hardware.

Rust is at the top of the list as the most popular programming language for five consecutive years and is also associated with high salaries. Rust developers pay an average of US $ 70,000 globally and US $ 130,000 in the US.

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