The extended software development team solution has recently become popular in the US and Western Europe. It allows companies to combine the efforts of both their in-house software developers and hire experts from abroad.

In this article, you’ll discover the advantages of an extended software development team as compared to outsourcing and consider how your business can put this model to good use.

1. What is an Extended Development Team?

The extended development team model integrates remote developers with on-staff team members, enhancing both collaboration and product quality. Historically, in-house teams managed all tasks. However, with rising operational costs, businesses are increasingly turning to extended software development teams.

Adopting an extended development team not only fits within tighter budgets but also offers access to developers with high-level expertise. These professionals, motivated by opportunities to work with international companies, are committed to delivering exceptional products.

Extended Team Model

Extended Team Model

3. Benefits of Extended Development Team

3.1 Transparency

If you choose an extended development team model, you have the opportunity to manage remote developers directly, as they are now a part of your team. You are also involved in all stages of onboarding, so there is no need to worry about the skills and qualities of your new team members.

The model allows you to monitor your expenses and benefit from a clear-cut and transparent pricing system. Having control over your team as well as all the internal processes will help ensure a smooth workflow and create a coordinated team.

Benefits of Extended Development Teams

Benefits of Extended Software Development Teams

3.2 Highly Specialized Experts

Extended development team is useful because you can hire developers with specific sets of skills that you define. They complement each other and work on their tasks within the scope of a single project. When you are dealing with highly specialized experts, there is less risk of misunderstandings.

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3.3 Easy Relocation and Direct Management

Since the extended development team is working under your management, you get the opportunity to work without intermediaries. This factor further improves your experience and leads to better results. While you are managing your team, your extended development team provider is dealing with all legal documentation and other related issues necessary for a smooth integration of the developers into your in-house team.

3.5 Time-Effectiveness

Sometimes a hiring process may take up months before you find the software engineers you need. This can happen when a local market is short on skilled developers, or the most in-demand developers are already working on projects in other companies. By choosing an extended development team, you are saving time and expanding your options.

3.6 Scalability

For those who are not confident in hiring an entire extended development team straight away,  you can start with one software engineer suitable for your needs. Then, you can hire more developers once you are satisfied with the results. Many businesses first hire one or two software developers, and after that, the extended team can grow up to fifteen people. Some customers might be limited in resources, so starting with one or two developers is a wise solution.

3.7 A Broad Talent Pool

Many companies face a common problem — their local talent pool is not growing, so there is a need to look for software developers offshore. This problem can be solved by hiring an extended team of developers from abroad and combining your in-house employees’ expertise with the newcomer’s qualifications.

3.8 Effective Cooperation with the In-House Team

Whether your in-house team has some skill gaps or you need to expand your software development team to meet the deadlines and take on more tasks, an extended software development team will do that for you. Regular employees collaborate with remote developers, ensuring effective task completion and no headaches on your end.

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3.9 Cost-Effectiveness

An extended development team is a cost-effective solution to your needs if you choose to hire from countries with better prices. Asia, especially Vietnam, is a location that is home to over 300,000 highly-skilled tech experts with a broad range of skills and a substantial educational basis. The typical developers’ hourly rates range from $20 to $50 in this country.

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4. When Extended Development Team is not for You

Although an extended software development team offers numerous advantages, it might not always be the best fit for every business scenario.

Lack of In-House Technical Expertise: If your business lacks its own technical expertise, effectively integrating an extended team with in-house employees can be challenging. In such instances, a staff augmentation model, which supplements your existing workforce with specific skills without permanently increasing their headcount, might be more suitable.

Short-Term Projects: For one-time projects, a traditional outsourcing approach may be preferable. The extended development team model often involves strategies like relocation and deep integration, which aren’t necessary if you plan to disengage with the team post-project launch. In scenarios where you anticipate a clear end to the collaboration after the project’s completion, opting for a traditional outsourced team is advised to avoid the complexities of integration and separation.

5. Steps to Hire Extended Development Team

InApps is a software development company that will help you build extended software development team in Vietnam. We recognize the businesses’ needs to ensure well-coordinated cooperation between in-house developers and extended teams to reach excellent results.

Build your extended development team with the following steps:

5.1 Define Your Needs

Before expanding your in-house team, it’s crucial to identify your project’s specific requirements. This includes understanding the necessary expertise of developers, the desired number of team members, and any additional needs. At InApps, we use this information to pre-screen and select candidates that precisely match your criteria.

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5.2 Interview and Hire Engineers

Once your needs are clearly defined, the next step is to interview potential candidates. InApps facilitates the process of connecting you with skilled offshore developers. Therefore, you can select the ideal experts for your product’s development needs.

5.3 Initiate Project Work

With your extended development team in place, you take the lead on all managerial processes. InApps supports your operations by handling the office logistics and administrative tasks, enabling you to focus on the project without operational distractions.

5.4 Receive Ongoing Support

InApps assigns a dedicated HR/Client Manager to your project to ensure seamless communication and support. This manager is readily available to answer any questions and assist with any issues, helping you maintain productivity and address challenges efficiently.

By following these steps, InApps helps you build and manage an extended development team in Vietnam. This is to ensure well-coordinated collaboration between your in-house developers and the extended team to achieve excellent results.

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