About project

The client is one of the most extensive field and engineering services providers in the US. The client contacted InApps through an intermediary/consultant and has given work in bulk since the inception of the project.


Job Reporting System is a customized enterprise mobility solution designed and developed by InApps to address the client’s requirements.

Our Strategy

The InApps team customized and developed an admin panel for our client which helps fetch employee and supervisor data from the mobile app. The admin panel was synchronized with the automated accounting system. In case there is no Internet access, we created an offline mode for saving employees’ and supervisors’ data.


Considering the same employees and instruments data to facilitate the data entry process, experts at InApps integrated a Clone Report into the platform. With this report, the one filling the forms only needs to change the date and time. A small feature yet making a great change since it helps reduce the redundant tasks for the supervisors.


Besides, a feedback option is integrated into the app to improve communication between employees and their supervisors.


Finally, instead of making this app a third-party app, InApps proposed to host the app on the client’s server to keep this app to keep the app stay permanent.

Technologies Used

  • iOS
  • Android


The client service is human and equipment outsourcing for big engineering and construction firms. We work through a consultant who informs us of the project details throughout the working process.


Traditionally, the company’s employees used to manually fill out the site supervisors’ reports. Same with the supervisors, they also had to fill out lengthy forms reporting employees’ working hours and equipment usage.


Meanwhile, the client already had an automated accounting system. What made them feel difficult is how to combine the traditional data entry process with the automated one.


The clients also want to accelerate business operations by integrating overtime and work-related features in the admin panel and having a customized mobile app. The facility to enter the data using mobile devices even when the Internet is not available was to be integrated using technological advancements.

Made For

Labor contractors and employees of the client.


The client has got rid of tedious manual and digital process collaboration. An enterprise-grade mobile app enabled the client to facilitate the business process while automating a manual process.


The client witnessed an enhancement in productivity and flexibility through simplifying complex business processes. Employees can now leverage the benefits of enterprise mobility while filling in information on the move.


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