Project Highlights

Tago has a user platform, Tago’s blockchain, and notably an NFT spiritual marketplace: an NFTized spiritual item marketplace for Tago users (including NFTized physical products) or online artwork objects. And, in particular, the NFT marketplace features a bidding mechanism on Tago, with a portion of the proceeds going to society and the community.

Tago’s mission will be realized via blockchain technology, which will provide currency, NFT, credit line… advantages to the community by distributing blockchain back to the community.

TAGO ecosystem of blockchain and NFT marketplace

Point System & Loyalty Program

Encourage users to use the app more often, more loyally through gamification and the rewards of Tago token points, which can be exchanged for Tago coins to be used inside the Tago app ecosystem (booking, buying items,…)

Blockchain IntegrationIntegrating and implementing Blockchain technology is the next step to improve user and community experience. We want to benefit both the business and the community and bring the messages of mental healthcare to broader audiences.

NFT MarketplaceThis is a marketplace for the Tago community that runs on Tago’s blockchain-enabled ecosystem, allowing people to freely exchange mental health, religious artifacts, and artworks directly from one other or professional artists, experts within Tago app.

AI Chatbot & RecommendationAI may help Experts advise clients to some extent. Purpose to user retention, serve multiple customers at the same time, recommend suitable experts in case of advanced advice.

Affiliate SystemThis function, similar to affiliate marketing, allows the network of users to go viral and calculates the commission for referrals.

Social MatchingConnecting & matching individuals with similar interests, zodiac signs, habits, etc. to form an appropriate network of friends. Using AI & machine learning, create a deep interactive social network.

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