Project highlights

Seeing the need for more private conversation online, Sotoria Chat Encrypted was born. Information within the conversation is encrypted then sent and received directly between two parties without going through the server.
This approach creates a safer and more secure environment when users exchange sensitive and confidential information.


• Working as Dedicated Team model, the team came up with many effective communication ways (daily standup meetings, weekly detailed report, etc.)
• Proposed a certified Blockchain expert to oversee the project


• Sign up
• Login
• Create a Zero chat group
• Encrypt message P2P
• Audio call
• Group chat
• Chatting list
• Auto lock screen


• Request robust encryption and security technology
• The app run on unique devices


• InApps went beyond to ensure timeline and fully satisfy client’s needs


• FE: React Native
• BE: NodeJS
• DB: Postgre SQL
• Encrypt: E2C encrypt/ ZKP/ Brute
Force Protection

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