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Mobile apps have become indispensable these days. It is hard to imagine our life without mobile apps as they play a vital role in performing tasks related to both work and home. Today, both Google Play and App Store are flooded with apps as the combined number of apps has crossed the milestone of five million apps. In such a scenario, it is interesting to think of the future trends that are capable of making apps for tomorrow!

Requirements of the user and businesses keep on changing with time. Mobile app development agencies need to integrate emerging technologies like IoT, AI, Blockchain, and AR to meet these diverse requirements while developing innovative app solutions. Mobile app developers can optimize the user experience by utilizing cutting-edge tools. Here we make a list of some great trends that will shape the future of mobile app development in 2019 and beyond.

Top 10+ Groundbreaking Trends in Mobile App Development for 2019

1. AI will be mainstreamed

For many years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have become a technological hot potato. When it comes to mobile app development, AI has a significant role to play. Chatbots, ERP, and CRM solutions are a few examples of machine learning and AI in the domain of mobile app development. Gartner has predicted that the ChatBots will cover over 80 percent of customer services-related communications by the end of 2020.

As companies will start offering various services to the customers by using AI on the move, we can expect that this technology will gain dominance in the mobile arena. What’s more, AI and machine learning will also bring valuable insights to the modern businesses that will further boost their productivity and improve services.

2. iBeacons will be stronger

Customized iBeacon app development can serve many purposes, particularly in the retail domain. Though iBeacon technology is not new, it keeps on evolving thanks to the Cupertino Company Apple. Brick-and-mortar retailers and online business owners can utilize this technology alike by integrating it into the customized mobile apps. Functional areas of iBeacon technology are also expected to expand in 2019.

The app developers can find more scopes for this excellent technological advancements apart from virtual guides, notifications, and information source. The app users will find some interesting and innovative apps based on iBeacon technology, especially in the App Store.

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3. Android Instant Apps will prevail

How can we find it surprising if Android Instant Apps will grow as a trend in 2019? The concept is already popular among the app users with its characteristic of offering an easy access. People can enjoy using Instant Apps anywhere without installing comparable apps. It can run smoothly just like a web page, and save a valuable space on the phone.

We can predict that Instant Apps will be considered as IT products soon. Google has already opened this concept for all the app developers in the I/O conference last year. So, we can expect that Apple will also follow suit soon and iOS app developers will bring instant apps for iPhones and iPads.

4. IoT will penetrate more

Internet of Things (IoT) is not a new word for both entrepreneurs and individuals. The concepts of Smart City and Smart Workplace can be realized with the revolutionary IoT technology. Many entrepreneurs have already jumped on the IoT bandwagon for making their business automated. Today, many industry sectors including retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and the like are leveraging the benefits of IoT. It is fair to mention that the growing penetration of IoT will drive the future of mobile app development.

We can certainly expect that other industry verticals will also come forward to embrace the IoT concept in 2019 and beyond to provide their customers various benefits. These days, top mobile app development companies focus on bringing automation in the client’s processes by integrating IoT advancements in the enterprise-grade apps.

5. Mobile wallet usage will be increased

How do we claim that the mobile wallet is on the rise? Well, tech giants Google and Apple have brought mobile wallets of their own in the form of Tez and Apple Pay respectively. Banks and financial institutions also offer wallets in the form of mobile app to allow encryption-based secure transactions. Users can track their transactions and send or receive payments with ease. Be it online purchasing or online payment, mobile wallets emerge as a formidable player in the digital world.

Also, as the mCommerce becomes a norm, we can expect that mobile wallet will become more prevalent.

6. VR and AR will go beyond buzzwords

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have gone to the next level from gaming to social media and industry verticals. In the age of wearables and smart devices, VR will find its place in the mobile app development domain. AR is also set to rule in the corporate sector as various industries are ready to integrate this technology in the tailored mobile apps for providing an immersive experience to the users. As per Statista prediction, the global AR market is expected to grow to about 90 billion USD by 2020 with over three times higher revenue as compared to VR.

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As people tend to stay updated on the move, we can certainly state that VR and AR technologies will find many opportunities in the mobile app development.

7. Wearable app development will get more strength

Smartwatches and other wearable devices are gaining popularity across the world. Mobile app developers find new opportunities in the wearable app development. A Business Intelligence report has forecasted that the market for wearable will increase up to 35 percent by 2019. Both iPhone and Android phone producers have already started making wearable devices that can work individually or in collaboration with the smartphones. Mobile app developers can make such wearable device users’ life easy by bringing customized apps.

What’s more, we will come across the wearable apps that will perform tasks other than measuring vital parameters and communicating in the future.

8. On-demand apps will gain ground

Whether you want to book a cab or hire people for home services, on-demand mobile apps are there to help you out. As a convenient and quick way to get various services, on-demand apps know no bounds. Entrepreneurs and business owners in the fields of hospitality, healthcare, transportation, etc. can boost their business with the help of on-demand apps with ease. Uber, Pizza Hut, TaskRabbit are some of the on-demand app’s success stories.

In coming years, on-demand app development will emerge as a preferred domain for various industry sectors irrespective of the size and scale of companies.

9. M-commerce will remain in focus

Mobile-based payment gateways and mobile wallets are designed to keep mCommerce in mind. As more and more people tend to surf and purchase things on the move using smart devices, mCommerce is going to thrive in the coming years. The eCommerce business owners or online retailers can expand their business with feature-rich mobile apps.

Companies also utilize mobile commerce app development to gather valuable data related to the user’s behavior that can help them grow business. It is, therefore, predicted that the mobile commerce-based app development will extend.

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10. Blockchain technology will become a necessity

Both 2017 and 2018 have proven milestone years for cryptocurrency as we witnessed huge ups and downs in these two years. But, here we talk about the innovative technology behind it. The blockchain technology has many applications apart from cryptocurrency. This technology can be a preferred choice of the BFSI sector as it offers a higher level of safety.

Blockchain-based app development will be a part of mobile app development services in the near future as the technology becomes a necessity for the businesses globally.

11. App Security will get more attention

Last but not least! No mobile app development company can afford to avoid the security aspect. Both Google Play and App Store emphasize the app’s security and make the rules of permissions more stringent as time advances. Mobile app developers have to take care of integrating necessary security features to keep their app ready for any possible attack.

Just like every year, the upcoming year 2019 will also bring new considerations and norms for enhancing the app security. We can predict that focus will remain on finding the alternatives of encrypted messages, but we should wait till the developers address security necessities in the year 2019.

Apart from these major trends, in-app search feature, cloud-based applications, user-experience design, and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are also important trends to watch in 2019 and afterward.

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Mobile app development is thriving as futuristic technologies advances. The importance of bespoke mobile apps will also increase with time. When businesses will use mobile apps for serving various objectives ranging from improving customer services to simplifying complexities, we can certainly assume that the coming year will bring radical changes in developing mobile apps.

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