Project details

Country: Denmark

Team size: 8 people

Purpose: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS); Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS); Digital Asset Valuation

Founded in 2018, Vleppo has developed a customized Blockchain integrated ‘All-in-one’ business application (App) providing Contract Management, File Transfer with no limits on size or file types and Notarization solutions with integrated Patent service for freelancers and SMEs, as Startups and NFT creators.

Blockchain normally is difficult for people to use however Vleppo has made this simple with the App, blockchain and wallet creation all contained in one place. The primary objective is to give people access to Blockchain and its unique benefits in a way that is seamless and simple.

This solution provides users with the following:

  • The means to create digital contracts, sign them with an electronic signature and have a blockchain-governed mediation and escrow function improving the probability of successful contracts.
  • The ability to register IP into the blockchain.
  • A secure file transfer system to move digital files of any size and type.

InApps Delivered

Contract Management System (CMS)​

Secure File Transfers

Secure IP Management

Ricardian Smart Contracts


• New Blockchain software development technology
• Lacking experienced human resource
• Complicated development
• Unclear requirements


• Allocated key members who have experience in blockchain development
• Project Manager had deep experience and knowledge in blockchain development
• Communicated Face2Face weekly
• Created a detail project plan and roadmap


• Digital asset exchange
• Blockchain as a service (BaaS)
• Smart Contract Management
• Digital Asset Valuation
• CRM Intergration


• Blockchain based on ETH
• NodeJS
• Mac, Windows, Linux app
• Frontend ReactJS


• Finished phase 1 of development and client got the funding from investors
• Proactively solved various complicated blockchain development issues
• Gained client’s trust and continued to put phase 2 of development in action

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