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Apr 27, 2020 CASE STUDIES

Wawa is one of the projects that we are really proud of because of solving customer’s problems in a way that is better than expected. Even our customer had to say in amazement. After that, they trusted us and move all the vendor team beforehand to us. Furthermore, the key member is so excellent, which makes them would like to offer stock for long-term cooperation. In this situation, we have helped the customer solve different problems and achieved success beyond expectation. 

In context:

  •  The application had been launch on the app store with millions of downloads. 
  • Many customers complained about the quality of that application. 
  • The vendor has not finished well before and leaving many kinds of risks such as bugs, messy in code writing, and hidden errors. 
  • There is no document about requirement and API document, we have just one thing, source code, that was sent to us with a long list of critical bugs.

Way of approaching:

  • We send an experienced member to the team to take care and handle complex issues, prioritize fixing urgent to minimize complaints from users.
  • Communicate well regularly with clients to understand issues and priorities. 
  • Staking the problems and solve them base on the criteria: Fast and well-ordered.


  • The application runs a lot more stable than before. 
  • Users expressed their satisfaction with higher rating than before.
  • Customers became happy and grew up their team from 1 to 5 members.
  • Long-term cooperation.

Why InApps?

  • We have experts who are willing to help you complete your projects. With over ten years of experience in this industry, our developers can understand the problems which customers face and try our best to improve day by day. 
  • Now, cost reduction is our target because we know that organizations in the world can meet financial issues. We try to save time and cost for them.
  • We always set up team with a leader and project manager to be sure that projects will run smoothly.
  • Our team has good English communication and technical skills. They want to do a good job and succeed.
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