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In this episode of InApps Analysts podcast, we talked to conference co-chairs of OSCON, the open source convention being held in Austin on May 8-11. Interview participants were:


#133: A Preview of OSCON 2017

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A few highlights from the conversation include:

  1. There will be a lot of discussion about collaboration and community. Topics will cover managing contributions in a large organization, incentivizing community members and how to leave a project. Outside of the actual sessions, expect lots of one-on-one mentoring in the hallways.
  2. Open source business models continue to be something people want to talk about even if there is no long-term plan to transition a project to a full-blown start-up.
  3. Hanselman made sure to let us know about the care with which speakers were picked. All the co-chairs are on the speaking circuit and didn’t want to hear the same old people giving the same old talk.

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